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    I am looking for an easy, yet delicious :) protein shake recipe.
    I don't want to buy the premade one at the store because I'd like to keep as natural and fresh as possible. On the other hand, I'm not opposed to a good protein powder (would like to avoid whey as the kids can't digest it) to add to the mix.
    The reason behind it: I have a hard time eating in the morning but hunger is a huge trigger to my migraines. I force myself to eat, in order not to get a migrain, but really cannot eat much before 10am. By 10am, my stomach is ready to accept solid food (liquids are never an issue) but I have been going for at least 4 hours and I'm just starving by then.
    Personally, I would like dairy in it, but if it tastes good everyone will want some and I don't feel like dealing with Partner's GERD or Sweet Pea's upsewt stomach (V would be fine though).
    Any idea??
    Oh, and I "luckily" don't have to worry about too many calories. I actually need to watch myself in order to maintain a healthy weight.
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    I have this shake in the morning, it is considered to be an antioxidant rich smoothie and I love it. It may or may not be what you are looking for, but give it a try, it's delicious and it is good for you too. Nuts and flaxseeds are loaded with Vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids too.

    blend (in the blender)
    1 cup of frozen blueberries
    1/2 tablespoon of spirulina
    half a cup of nonfat plain yogurt (you can use vanilla flavored)
    one teaspoon of ground flaxseed
    one tablespoon of almond butter or a handful of almonds (I use fresh almonds)
    soy milk to taste (I use the Silk Vanilla)

    I read that this is a gas tank full of high antioxidant fuel for the whole day! Enjoy.
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    I don't do shakes, so don't have recipies, but... we go through stages where we need more protein in our diet - to counterbalance carbs, cause we all feel yucky - and we can't have milk, which means whey protein isn't an option.

    The only other practical option I know of for a protein boost in a smoothie, is soy protein.
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for your valuable tips,The protein shakes that are based on protein powders in the form of a food supplement and the ones that are based in protein rich foods.

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