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    I posted a thread several weeks back about difficult child attending an after school program to help him along with his reading comprehension.

    In that thread I posted how opposed to it he was and how he complained and freaked out over it.

    I also posted how once he found out he would receive a "prize" for perfect attendance he couldn't wait to go LOL

    Anyhow, he received professional Basketball tickets from the Principal.

    He was thrilled !

    I sent an email to the Principal this morning thanking her for the tix and her support.

    She sent an email back saying what a great, nice boy my difficult child is and how he worked so hard in the program.

    It made my day !

    I told difficult child what she said and he said, "OK, whatever" LOL
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    That is realy cool. Good for everyone. And big kudos to the principal for really making it worth difficult child's effort!

    LOVE it!
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    thats' great!!! wow! inside i'm sure he's totally proud of himself! great job!
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    Love it!! Thanks for sharing:)
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    I LOVE hearing these positive updates.

    Yay for difficult child!!
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    WAY TO GO! Congratulations - that's quite an accomplishment!