Proud Mommy Moment!


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I just have to share this because Duckie struggled so hard in learning to value people over things...
She was at vacation bible school this evening. The theme is "Adventure of the Treasure Seekers" and the organizers give the kids little trinkets to bring home. The group leader gave all the kids in her group a jewel and gold coin (translation: a craft jewel and gold tone plastic coin; very valuable to the 5 to 6 year old set). Well, one of her little friends lost her jewel and was very sad. My Duckie actually told the little girl that she would help her look for the missing jewel and give her own up if the missing one wasn't found.
Then she followed through and gave up the prize!
It makes a mother's heart proud. :kisses:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
How sweet!!! What a wonderful little Duckie! I love when they show how empathetic they can be... warms a Mommy heart!!!!

Good Job TM you should be proud of her.