PSI ... Pre Sentence Investigation


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So....I had my favorite brother & my good son over for my birthday celebration last week, and my phone rings right before we cut the cake, and yep! It's my Difficult Child's PO, calling to conduct my portion of the PSI. Oh, fun. This is how I wanted to spend my birthday evening ;-)

Anyways, I did have a really good conversation with her. Before we were done talking, I got the sense that she feels the same way I do about my son! Very comforting feeling! He has a long, long, LONG list of offenses BUT -- ZERO Violence in his history. He truly does have a great big heart. He never spoke disrespectful to me, never raised a hand to anyone.

At the end of our conversation, she asked me to kind of sum up what I would want to tell the court. So I said, "He's not violent, and he's not mean. And it breaks my heart to know that he will be sent to a place where there are violent and mean people. He needs treatment for his addiction and his depression. And he needs to be put to work." I went on to say I realize the State Prison System is probably not geared to deliver those things, but she interjected that actually, there are two facilities in the State that would offer those chances, and that Difficult Child would be a good candidate for either of those places.

Hope springs. Much as I know from past practice, hope is one dangerous drug, I can't help but feel some hope. I believe I have decided that I will attend the sentencing. I have a half a plan that I will turn it into a long weekend....take my girlfriend and hit the Mall of America my half a plan at this point...

Stay tuned ;-) ~ Peace


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Not being violent is of value to the court system. And if that comes from you (via the PSI), it's worth something too - not only does he not have violence on his record, you haven't seen it either. It's a good thing... because it can help open doors for him getting help. He of course has to want help and make use of the opportunities. But it's so hard to get open doors that... it's hard not to have a tiny ray of hope.


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I hope all goes well with your son! Seems like milestones, birthdays and holidays are always interrupted with -------(insert name). Just celebrate that they are alive to see our birthday and vise versa. Hope this helps!! Hugs