Psychatric/Mental Hospitals?

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    Just got back from Neuro office. He's not giving up on difficult child, just wants to help more. We explained to him how difficult child's Psychiatrist left the practice without notice at the beginning of the month & wanted suggestions on what we should do. He has already referred us to Cincinnati Children's & our appointment is in May. Thing being.....he looked over all reports from Psychologist, Psychiatrist & school evaluations. He told us that there just aren't enough resources in our area to help difficult child & that her Psychiatric needs are beyond what there is to offer around here:pouting:. He suggested still keeping the Cincy appointment & mentioned there is a new Pysch on board there that may be helpful. By this time husband & I were looking at each other in a bit of shock & I don't recall the names of the Psychiatric hospitals he was rattling off out of state that we should start looking into. I can always ask for a list when I go back next month, but figured I could get a better list from all of you....possibly????? Thanks. Guess I'm still a little shocked at the moment...I know our resources are limited around here, but didn't think difficult child was "so bad off" (the only way to put it) that we will have to search the country for better places or she may never even start to be more stable. I'm babbling, sorry.