psychiatric Ed Testing?

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    Hi there, I am new here, wondering if anyone has had your difficult child complete psychiatric-ed testing? We see a counsellor who suggested it may be worthwhile... any idea how long it takes and what it can tell you?

    difficult child - male, age 5, infant reflux until around 2 years, wheat / dairy allergy presented as eczema but has improved significantly with time! Sensory hypersensitive to clothing, most foods/ textures. We use homeopathics extensively to help with temper, mood swings.
    easy child #1 - male, age 8
    easy child #3 - male, age 3 (but he sure does learn from big bro difficult child!)
    husband - 40, great dad, engaged, involved and workin' hard
    me - stay at home mom, 38 -- loved The Explosive Child and now reading 5 Languages of Love for Children
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    I think it can be helpful. We usually recommend a pediatric neuropsychologist if you want to go that route. If you want to explore the developmental/medical aspects more thoroughly we suggest a developmental pediatrician for the young ones.

    With a neuropsychologist it's pretty common to fill out paperwork and send records in advance, then parent(s) only for the first appointment. Diagnostic testing might be in the neighborhood of 10 hours spread over a few appointments (less or more depending on age and the needs).

    Check this out: