psychiatric evaluation for easy child went awful

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    Well now that I have finally gotten settled in here we got easy child an appointment with her general practice doctor and they set her up for a psychiatric consult. I was thrilled because two days later I got a call for an appointment but concerned when they said it was at another military base. I mean seriously we just moved to one of the two largest military medical communities there are in the US why did I need to drive to another base for care. Anyway I thought maybe all the intake appts were done at a regional site so I just bit my tongue and went.


    I was so dissapointed in him. Not only was he very abrasive with my daughter he was also pretty harsh on me. I did like that he called us both on our bull**** about not finishing what we start because that is the truth. On the other hand I tried to explain to him about easy child's fear/anxiety with large groups of people and he literally said it was "bull$hit." Saying she used that as a way to manipulate us into letting her not do things. easy child broke down in tears when he left the room to get some paperwork and told me he was mean. He did give me some decent advice on managing getting easy child to do stuff but he was so condescending I disliked him too.

    My biggest complaint from the whole visit was that he didn't listen to a thing we had to say. I told him her therapist had diagnosed her with anxiety and that a long time ago she had been diagnosed with ADHD. Then I went on to tell him about her issues with noise, her cutting her wrist once, her sleeplessness, her lack of compliance with medication, and her seeming depression and mood swings. I tried to describe the constant anger she has and that even though she is a good kid the disrespect is starting to get worse.

    His response. She has ADHD and nothing else. All the other stuff is just her ADHD making her irritable. I should give her Vitamin D and take away all chocolate/soda. Heck I give the kid very little of that anyway because she has weight issues. Plus she only drinks caffeine free dye free sodas when we go out to dinner which isn't often.

    Thank Gosh I had to take her in for a second appointment with her general practice doctor after that. I immediately asked why her consult was sent to the other base and found out it was a mistake. Then I asked for the consult to be redone here with a different dr. I let them know that if he was the only care option she wouldn't be going back.

    I am going to ask for a neuropsychologist evaluation when we see the new guy and pray for once someone will listen to the issues in FULL instead of just blowing every little thing off.
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    Guaranteed problem... no fun.
    Hope you get the re-do...
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    Got a call and they have us scheduled for the 5th of September. So far I am liking this hospital they have been very helpful on more than one occasion! Something that is very rare for a military hospital.
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    How disappointing My suggestion would be for you to take the time to prepare a parent report prior to the meeting. Any doctor worth his diplomas won't make huge diagnosis and medication decisions upon one visit. These kids take time.

    Often, as the parent or guardian, we easily get sidetracked from our intent, especially at a new doctor appointment. Thoughtful prep ahead of time can make all the difference. You will find information on how to go about writing a parent report on this link:

    From experience, this was a great tool for me when working with docs and IEP team members who didn't know my gig. I prepared my first one to give to the team when they began testing my difficult child for eligibility back in 2003 and used it many times after that (updating as necessary).

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    I'm thinking that *anyone* else would be better than the jerk you just saw! There are many ways to say things and he really blew it. Not to mention he blew off your easy child's dxes from other doctors. I'd be spitting tacks.
    Glad you got a different appointment with-a different doctor.
    I just wonder how many lives he ruins for people who actually believe what he says.
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    He even went so far as to diagnose me with adult adhd. He gave me a pamphlet on it. I was like seriously dude! You have met me for less than an hour and assume that because I have to make lists for things that I have adhd. Sad thing is he is probably right I am a complete scatterbrain at times so I make lists and I am kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about putting things away. Apparently all that is a coping strategy for being unable to focus.
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    ummm.... Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about putting things away is NOT, EVER a trait of ADHD. Us ADHDers LOVE mess. We don't have the organizational skills to DO that. Lists... maybe.
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    Sounded weird to me to but he did have a point when asking why I put things away and kept things stored in certain orders. I told him I do it to help me stay on track. I am litterally the kind of person who has her shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a row because it helps me remember which step is next. Not because I don't know but because sometimes I just space out and forget where I was in the process. Supposedly this is something adults with adhd do because it allows them to cover their lack of attention.