psychiatric hospital is recommending

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    either Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that has a psychiatrist and strong therapeutic system so medications can be adjusted/stabilized or emergency fapt team. They are looking into how to get Residential Treatment Center (RTC) paid for and are going to call principal at school regarding that and PO regarding placement and to tell her what they are recommending and see what she will pursue. It also gives me more documention about what mental health professionals have recommended if PO won't approve it.

    I told the sw that I was documenting things in a letter format to submit with a chins petition to the judge, but that I planned to send this to a lot of other people outside the county too. She said she thought that was a great idea and that if PO didn't act on the two profs recommendations, plus what the acute psychiatric hospital is recommending, then there is a big problem. We all know I'd be taken to court in a heartbeat if I sat on recommendations like that.

    Anyway, please keep fingers crossed! She knew of an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) off the top of her head that had a psychiatrist and tdocs on board and she said it was more of a psychiatric hospital setting than residential setting and difficult child would be in there 2-3 months. She asked difficult child if he understood and he just said "HUH?". He's pretty out of it right now. He said he's sleeping at night but is still sleepy all day long. I wish the place was more residential, but if the problems get addressed, that's the main thing.

    I know she wanted his discharge plan in order by Monday so they could discharge him Monday. Not only will that be his 5th day in, but that's his b-day.
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    Crossing fingers for you and difficult child.
    This song and dance that they are doing with you and your kid has got to be getting old to them by now? You think?
    They could probably have saved some money if they would have listened to you a long time ago.
    Well, and saved you and difficult child a lot of pain and suffering to say the least.
    I truly hope this works
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    Keeping fingers crossed too, this is good news! The psychiatric hospital/treeatment center I told you about is a good option if you can get him there.. you might mention it. The psychiatrist on staff was excellent in my opinion.
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    You told me the area- this one the sw mentioned is in that area, too. It might be the same one. Can you pm me the name?? I doubt there are too many with psychiatrists on board in this state.

    by the way- did you know they are closing a state psychiatric hospital now? I don't even know if they have another left after this one- they closed one down several years ago.
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    Now that I think about it- if PO doesn't act on this Monday, I think I should call the GAL- even though she isn't officially on the case anymore. I could leave a message and just ask what I should do since I'm trying to get difficult child this help that is recommended and PO won't pursue it. The GAL and judge talk "behind the scenes" quite a bit- I know they discussed difficult child's case out of the courtroom on more than one occassion. I don't think that's legal, but it appeared to work in difficult child's favor.
  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I also hope that your difficult child will be discharged so he doesn't have to spend his b-day in their. My difficult child's b-day was the day before psychiatrist said admit him.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That all sure sounds hopeful!

    Fingers crossed he gets sprung on his birthday...

    Hugs mom!
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    Aw, his birthday. It would be nice ...

    You sound very organized. Congrats.

    I have my fingers crossed.
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    PM'd the name to you. It certainly can't hurt to call the GAL, the worst that can happen is she won't take your call.

    Sadly, I think we will see more places closing and longer waits for services, all across the country... the economy is so bad, and these are the kinds of programs that get cut. It's really scary.
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    Yeah- but you would think people would get a clue- if mental health is in poor shape, people won't be able to work and do everything that needs to be done to get the economy turned around. That's my opinion anyway.
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    Crossing all body parts-I truly am praying all of this works out for you and your difficult child. Hugs.
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    Thanks, Sharon! Actually- is it still called an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) if it's more of a psychiatric hospital with a school?
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    I have been reading your threads...I really hope this works out for you and difficult child. You have been through so much and deserve a good turn out of all this. It is amazing what good people have to go through just to get heard in our country's mental health system. Fingers and toes crossed for you.
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    It sounds hopeful. I am praying and crossing.
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    Happy Early birthday to my Board Nephew!

    I hope PO acts on the recommendations, but I think pulling in GAL may be needed.

    My difficult child was in a psychiatric hospital that had a more "residential" feel than an acute psychiatric hospital. It was not his favorite experience, but I think it helped a whole lot. He was there for 4 months during the end of 6th grade. So that may actually be a good setting, you won't know until you check it out or try it.

    One thing I will say is to have a code word that sounds like everything is fine. It is ONLY to be used in dire emergencies, cases of abuse. I always think if you are prepared for it then the chances of it happening are lessened. Some phrase like "I wish I had my umbrella here, it might rain" or other innocuous phrase for him to use if abuse is happening. I am NOT saying it will, I know absolutely NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH NADA about the facilities you are looking at. But I do believe in being prepared.

    Sending gentle hugs to you. I know the idea of him coming home is scary to you. I hope you realize that because his actions you DO qualify for help from a Domestic Violence Shelter - it is where I finally was able to come to terms with all we had gone through. And it is FREE. ALL of the services.

    Just remember we love you and are here with support anytime you need us.

    Hugs, honey!
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    Have you called CPS about this issue yet? These services are part of the judical system and as a parent concerned about the mental health services that are a matter of facts concerning this minor if you are not also getting input as to what is available to help you yet from them now is a good time to ask. What is usual as far as CPS knows for this?
    Klmno you are one determined woman and what an inspiration you are! You go girl!
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    Thank you, luv, ML, susie, rope, and all! I really like the idea of a code word or phrase- even if it isn't needed, it will be good to let difficult child know that I still care and he has a way of letting me know if something is seriously wrong. He has rejection/abandonment issues that no one addresses except when he;'s in the psychiatric hospital- I know they pick up on it because he tells me that they make him write in his journal or talk in group about his feelings toward his father. Plus, there are things he told me a few years ago that lead me to thinhk that the biggest thing standing in his way is not understanding that his father's choices are not a reflection on who he (difficult child) is.

    Rope: DSS won't get involved because I don;'t abuse or neglect difficult child. If I pushed what he did to me (threaten with a knife) he would be locked up for many years because he's already on probation and has a suspended sentence.
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    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    (((HUGS)))) Crossing everything here (fingers, toes etc)