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    Would it be typical for a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to offer neuropsychologist testing for a child placed there? I don't see it listed as a service for the places I'm looking into but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be important.
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    I have checked out a lot of places and none of them offered this. I just set up neeurospsch for difficult child through the teaching hospital. Compassion
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    Not in my experience. thank you's last Residential Treatment Center (RTC) had an associated hospital right next door - any testing above the routine psychological tests (performed by PhD who worked for Residential Treatment Center (RTC)) were done over at the hospital. I wonder perhaps if the assumption is that you have a pretty decent working diagnosis before you choose Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    My daughter has been in 3 rtcs and not one of them would give her a neuro exam. Not in the facility anyway. I had requested it in her last Residential Treatment Center (RTC). They had to get approval from DSS to make sure they would pay for it. They did get the okay, they were supposed to make an appointment outside the facility and take her. They never did. In my experience I have never come acorss a facility with this as a service.

    Request that the facility look into getting it done elsewhere.

    Good luck. :)
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    Will medicaid cover it if one was already done privately but it was done 3 years ago? Also, if less extensive services are needed (group home or in home services) are needed after Residential Treatment Center (RTC) discharge, will medicaid cover that?
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    In my case, yes it does cover everything you mentioned. I went through the Family Court though and got Medicaid that way. Once it was determined that my daughter needed placement I automatically got a case worker from DSS and Medicaid. It is not the normal part of Welfare. It is more like the Foster Care unit. Even though she isn't technically a Foster child that is what she is considered to get the services she needs. It's confusing, sorry.

    I hope you get what you need. :)
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    Closest my Youngest came was getting an EEG while in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and that was because she had a seizure disorder and was exhibiting pre-seizure symptoms. They sent her to an affiliated hospital to get that test done. I don't think a neuropsychologist is a normal part of testing in RTCs.
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    Right now Matt's placement wants to do a PetScan on him. The Dr has ordered this, but it will have to get done at another hospital. In my experience, it is really up to the Dr., and what they order or feel like the kids need. At a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC), there is always a Dr, obviously, and the Dr usually is affiliated with a hospital, where they could do any testing the Dr thought necessary. If the Dr requests it, then medicaide would have to pay for it, is my understanding.

    I am not sure about group home payments and medicaide. That is really the type of place Matthew is in. So I bill the ins for all the psychiatric services given there - and then my parents pay the rest out of pocket. So I guess it would really depend on the court order, the place, medicaide, the home, etc.

    Is that clear as mud now?:ashamed:
    Sorry I am not more helpful.

    How are things progressing at the hospital? Is everyone still suggesting an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Did you visit them yet? Any progress on getting medicaide?

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    Klmno, ditto. (IOW, probably not.)

    Steely, that's neat that the dr ordered a PET scan. They are awesome. My dad has Alzheimer's and we had a PET scan done on him. It's emotionallly painful to translate what you're looking at--IOW, if the tests are definitive, you are looking at a picture of mental deterioration (or mental illness, or autism)--but extremely valuable information.
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    Well, it appeared to me a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would want neuropysch testing done but I guess we'll wait and see how that plays out.

    In prgress now is "almost" having difficult child approved for medicaid- hopefully this will be done by tomorrow. Then, will they pay for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I have a lady from state doe looking into which sd is responsible for covering educational costs, or if no sd is (which would seem illegal to me), then who is responsible for it. Also, she's looking into the fact that the ed spec at his home sd wants to only use teacher/parent forms to do psychiatric assessment for his triennial review, yet teachers have only seen difficult child about 4 school days the last 2 mos and haven't seen him at all in 3 weeks. I want them to administer tests for this (in areas where he showed weaknessees beofre) instead of using forms.

    Attorneys- boy, what a mess. I was going to hire the private one and met with him on Monday. Then, after an hour, he said this might be a conflict of interest because difficult child's offense was agaiinst me and he would have to cross examine me, yet I'm paying his fee. I wondered why he didn't raise that question a week earlier if it was an issue, but didn't think it should be an issue because how many juveniles would get no legal representation if it wasn't permitted for the parent to hire an attny for them. Anyway, he said he would let me know for sure Tues. morning and we'd sign agreement then.

    I didn't hear back from him on Tues., but I did get a call from court appointment attny on Tuesday and he did seem to be ready to really defend difficult child, so I figured I'd just let the court appointment attny handle it then. But, late yesterday afternoon, the private attny leaves a message saying he's fine with taking the case now and is starting work on it. I figured I'd call him this morning and tell him "never mind"- he waited too long to tell me and court appointment attny is on it.

    So, this morning I start out making more critical phone calls- one being to CA. While talking with her, she mentioned that private attny had already been down there this morning to discuss difficult child's case with her and that he was getting ready to submit form to replace the court appointment attny. Now, I haven't called him yet but am getting ready to. I am not happy with him right now. I gave him a very small check on Monday, but have not signed any agreement, and have not given him a credit card number to bill his time to. I'll call him in a few mins.

    The CA, though, seems to be ok with difficult child going to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- I'll have to bring info to court and testify to this as well. The issues of payment, court order, transportation there are still not resolved. Plus, I need to get a written report in hand from psychiatrist where difficult child is now. The CA isn't quite as sold on lowering the charge to a misdemeanor from a felony, but agreed to talk to cops and see what they say. They will probably want to keep it a felony charge, but hopefully, someone will review the actual statement that I wrote that night and they should consider that difficult child did not try to wound me, as the charge states, (if he'd tried, he would have been able to accomplish it), but was threatening and intimidating by his actions. That is assualt (a misdemeanor). I told CA that this is important because it effects what types of treatment and facilities that I can get difficult child into, which is true.

    Oh- CA was asking about PO, like she was going to consult with her. I didn't foresee this, but it gave me opportunity to relay all the idiotic things PO had said and done and not done that I had considered out of line and contributing to the problem. The CA listened and agreed with me a few times. I told her that I cringed at the thought of that PO being in our lives for one more day and I didn't care if it was a month from now or two years from now- I hoped she nor her supervisor were ever in our lives again. RThis was after I told her about how she'd undermined my authority, refused to get services for us, then turned around and blamed the problems on me, and now just wants difficult child locked up. I gave specific examples so CA would know this was valid.
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    he said this might be a conflict of interest because difficult child's offense was agaiinst me and he would have to cross examine me, yet I'm paying his fee.

    A perfect example of our legal system.
    I do not envy you.

    I hope you make some headway today. It sounds like things are moving along, even if it's not the way you want them to.
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    No I have no experience of that ever happening and my difficult child is on his third program. -RM
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    klmno, I am sorry that I've not been around to respond. Your whole situation just baffles me every time I read another post.

    Sounds like for the moment, anyway, there's some hope of getting difficult child some help, and that's what its all about. That and getting rid of that stupid PO. Wow. Talk about a thorn in the side...
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    oK, I just found out that GAL is in agreement with Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So, that means everyone is on board except po and po will not pull this wagon, I don't think. Especially if CA and GAL are ok with Residential Treatment Center (RTC). PO is probably not looking too good right now. I also heard that GAL is apparently not too thrilled with her. GAL knew of some things the PO had told me last year and she wasn't in agreement with those either.

    So-- did I read somewhere a couple of months ago that someone had a transport problem- getting their difficult child transported to a Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?? Does anyone have any ideas how to do that without asking local Department of Juvenile Justice to transport a kid outside their jurissdiction and without having the parent do it alone?

    Next problem- now how do I fire a private attny that was never officially hired but that has spent several hours on this case? It's his own fault he wasn't officially hired. But, he already submitted a form to substitute for the court appointment attny. I hate this. The guy could have called me on Tues like he said he was going to. He should not have proceeded as he did.
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    PS- Thank you all for your support and well wishes and putting up with me through all this!!
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    We had that dilemna a few weeks ago about transporting. We called CIT(crisis intervention team) and they were marvelous. They (two speically trained police officers trained in dealing eiht the mentally ill) transported her in a police car (did not trun lights on or siren). It ws very non-confrontatinal. They could transport her to CIS (crisis intervention site) in the county. The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) wasa in the next county. She siad she woul dgo peacefully but did not. We resally did put ourselves at risk trying to transport her but did get her down to the Phosiptal. I thinkit is possible that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) could have a transport service (I have seen this on web). Also, if Baker acted, (involuntarily committed) they could transport by ambulance,etc.
    How far is it to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? I would not try to do it yourself. I would thin kaids from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) might be able to assist? We had also though about hiringa secuirty guard.
  17. CrazyinVA

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    When I admitted Youngest to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I drove her and a county person went with me. However, she was already otupatient and was not being admitted directly from another psychiatric facility. I know whenever she was admitted from ther ER to a facility, she had to be transported by ambulance. When it was via a TDO, she had to go to police car.

    You might ask at the current psychiatric hospital if they have a protocol for transporting when a patient is transferred to another facility. I have a feeling that the fact your difficult child is already in a hospital, will make a difference as to how he will be transported and who is resopnsible.
  18. CrazyinVA

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    PS re the attorney.. call him ASAP and tell him in no uncertain terms that he was NOT authorized to proceed on your son's case, you had not formally retained him, and you do not plan on paying for any time he has already spent on the matter. If you get a bill, put that in writing and mail it to him, and copy the bar association.
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    Well, I visited a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) today and left my application and some paper work on difficult child. I feel kind of sad now. I don't want to beleive that he should be in there. But, unless he qualified for an extended psychiatric hospital stay, I guess this is the only other option. :( One young man answered a question for my "tour guide". It sounded like he was giving a standard, robot-type answer. This isn't just making our kids learn what to say like a trained animal is it? I want my son to find his true self and be able to tap into his own potential- not turn into pavlow's dog.

    Then, I found out that medicaid will reimburse a lot of costs- reimburse it to the county team. So, I guess there's no way around them being involved. Darnit. I told these people that the judge would HAVE to order something in order for our county team to approve it, especially with this PO involved because it will be the PO at the county meeting- not the judge. I'm thinking if we can get it to that point, the GAL should be there, too.

    So, this place is going to email me a letter stating that difficult child is accepted contigent upon funding and list how that funding can be approved easily and quickly. I can take this with me to court.

    difficult child wants to stay where he is and is doing very well there. Unfortunately, he can't stay there forever and I'm worried about how he'll do at this place. What if he gets jerks for all his tdocs and psychiatrist? What if they turn out to be like the mental health worker assigned to detention or the PO? Are they typically like Department of Juvenile Justice people or do they really help a kid with emotional issues and depression, suicidal thoughts, etc?