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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Calgon_Take_Me_Away, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I got a return call today from the psychiatric's office and she would support us putting difficult child into a treament facility!

    Now, let's see if we can make it the 3 - 4 weeks until placement can happen if approved by the state.

    Today has been a good day so far. He continues to be my shadow, but not upset about it today. He helped me clean the dining room (which ends up being more of a laundry sorting center ~ so there was folding laundry, sorting into winter and no longer fits, etc). Since he was such a good helper, I let him play the GameBoy for an hour.
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    I am glad that the psychiatric saw the need you see so clearly. I will keep good thoughts that you can find the right placement ASAP!
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    Sounds good. But if he keeps on being your shadow, he may not have to go!
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    Glad he's having a good day :) Fingers crossed you get the placement you are seeking for him and that it helps!
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    He won't be my shadow all that time. We're thinking of giving it a week and if his behavior continues to be good and helpful, we'll allow 30 mins at the school playground (across the street from our house and I can watch him through the living room and kitchen windows) and start building up the trust, but not letting him just go around as he pleases.
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    While we were folding & sorting laundry yesterday, difficult child asked me, "should I keep this out so I can take it with me?" referring to a sweatshirt. I told him he could set it aside, but might not need it for a while. He was ok with- that. But the fact that he asked so nonchalantly troubles me. The result of his thinking in the here & now so it's not affecting him yet? Lack of comprehension?

    I talked with- his therapist yesterday afternoon and he was amazed at how far we've gotten since Monday. The psychiatric that's seen him once actually supports placement, the facility has openings for boys, disability filed and an appointment made with- SS ~ things seem to be moving so smoothly and quickly.

    The DHS worker that I spoke to on Monday called yesterday to see how things were going and check to see if I'd been able to talk with- the facility. I told her I felt as if I was screaming for help, but no one was listening (I had just told this to therapist on Monday). She replied that she heard it and that's why she did what she did even though they (DHS) no longer handles these issues.