psychiatrist appointment put off one week

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I received a message that we had to cancel difficult child's psychiatrist appointment on Thursday and please call to reschedule!

    I asked if psychiatrist could atleast review the record and prescribe anything until we can get in. The receptionist stated that psychiatrist is not in this week because of the flooding (record staging of flooding and Spring has just begun). Then my heart sunk when I heard the question, "Is this difficult child's first visit?" "Yes" I replied as thoughts raced through my head that they would put us off a month atleast. Before I got a chance to play the "therapist referred us card" I was given the date of Wed, April 1st. I have worked in a medical office where cancelled appoints took up to 3 months to get in - I would have understood if this was the case but I was prepared to stand firm and find a nearby date.

    So, we have to wait another week.

    In the meantime, difficult child is doing very well at trying to put into words what he is going through. Along with "disconnected" comes "Racing thoughts" and "Scare Bursts". He did take migraine strength Motrine mid morning.

    This evening at bowling, he played that 3rd game again. That was a mistake. He did very well the first two games and we were both looking forward to a good third game but he only got 68 the third - a super hard blow! Remember, he was very very upset with an 88. It was too much for him. The lanes were empty so he felt safe to cry. His friend A had a very hard games with not doing well and was throwing a frustrated defeated difficult child attitutude. As soon as A left, difficult child turned into him. I could see the same expressions in his face - the look of dispair that "I will NEVER get this!" I told him that we would count this one as practice and not put it toward his total average because you are allowed to practice once in awhile. However, he could not handle that score even as a bad practice. So strange, he bowled on one of the same lanes he just had two good games on - same ball, same shoes, same lane. I told him that something threw him off that game. It is just a game. It's o.k. "No it is NOT o.k." he cried in anger. "I wish I didn't have firearm safety tonight."

    We went home for an hour before going to firearm safety. He was not looking forward to that but when I told him that it was tonight, Thursday, and next Monday and Thursday only he perked up alot and said he could handle that. He must have thought this would take many weeks of Mondays. He actually did very well at class tonight. I got to sit next to him and watch how he participates when he is in his non-anxiety mode. He had his hand up at almost every question and knew the material well.

    On the way home, he told me about his "scare bursts'. He says he doesn't know what he is scare of, just gets these bursts of being afraid. I suggested he use the not knowing to his advantage. If you don't know than there isn't anything - just say to your scare burst, "Whatever!" He thought that was a good idea to try.

    I did make him laugh tonight. Permanent tree stands can only be 16 feet high. I asked him what would happen if you build a permanent stand in a tree and after several years the tree grew a few more feet and the stand went higher than the 16 feet? Oh boy did he start giggling at that one as he realized that the stand may be permanent but the tree still grows.

    It is a very late night for him. 9:30 and he is still working at getting to bed. We will see what tomorrow will bring. Will tonight catch up to him in the morning? He still has the therapist appointment on Friday unless flooding takes care of that one also?
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    sorry he had a rough time of it again. it's so good he's verbalizing to you though. the self talk stuff is great, difficult child does it alot. i do it alot too lol.

    i'm sorry to hear they pushed you off, i hate when doctor's do that they set an appointment than reschedule it.

    your doing a good job, just tell him to keep breathing through it and self talking himself down for now till you get in somewhere. i hope he sleeps well tonight, sleep helps alot.

    hope your feeling ok.
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    I am glad the psychiatrist got you in soon. It is a good sign.

    Is it possible that the 3rd game is when his body is TIRED and he is not yet strong enough in his hands and arms to have a good game the 3rd time? Nothing else changed, and it has been a problem game for him in the past. So it seems that maybe he needs to do other things to work on strengthening himself and building stamina? Just a thought.
  4. Andy

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    Thank you!

    Jen - difficult child's pediatrician doctor has rescheduled on us a few times. I also hate it because you don't have much say in the rescheduled date. I hate having to call and say, "The appointment you sent me notice of will not work, can we try another date/time?" It wouldn't be so bad if they atleast tried to give us the same day of the week/time slot but just randomly putting us somewhere! But then, I can tell my work, "The doctor's office set the time and date." For some reason that is easier for me to leave work for.

    Susie - You are correct, his body is most likely tired by that game. I told difficult child that we just will not do that third game on Monday nights. He can practice if he wants to. Practicing is free for awhile after leagues.

    I think I whined somewhere along the way in my overtaking of the boards these last two weeks that difficult child was allowed to do an open book science test at home. He whined and complained that he did not understand it and I told him #1 I could not help- it was a test and #2 I didn't understand it either. After about an hour of uglyness including him letting me know that I don't care about him, he settled in and took the test.

    I told the teacher today to not send home tests like that again. They are not a good thing for us. I did say that I think I knew what the test was looking for but I didn't know how to explain it without giving him the answers and because it was a test, I could not give him answers. She said difficult child probably was looking for me to give him the answers. She also stated that he did very well on it. :whiteflag: I was right to give up on that one.
  5. totoro

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    I am sorry you have to postpone the meeting, waiting is so hard on everyone.
    I am also glad psychiatrist got you in pretty quickly.

    The tree stand joke is pretty funny!
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    Andy, just curious. Does he ever say he feels like he's not real or in a dream? I used to have that. It's called depersonalization/derealization and it is quite frightening (although not serious). It's a very horrible anxiety symptom. Thankfully medications worked on that for me.
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    The psychiatrists in our area are always so BUSY!!! It is frustrating and disappointing when an appointment is canceled and you know how much your difficult child needs to be seen. And, for some reason, the appointment is always rescheduled at an inconvenient time. (I have to pull difficult child 1 out of school next week for a much needed appointment and lose work time.) However, in general, the psychiatrist, therapist system works well for us. Once your difficult child is an established patient, you should be able to reach the psychiatrist in an emergency. If you can't, then you should find another practice.

    I think it is good that you got another appointment fairly quickly. And, I think you're doing a great job trying to help difficult child until then. I've got my fingers crossed that things go smoothly right up to the appointment.

    Thinking of you and your difficult child... WFEN
  8. ML

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    That very good that you don't have to wait too long to get into psychiatrist.

    I continue to be impressed by the tools he's using and the skills he's developed with your guidance. When manster does share what's bothering him I try to do the same thing. I have also used visualization techniques with him. I wonder if he ever does imagine that bubble around himself that no one can penetrate without his permission ;)