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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Jan 24, 2012.

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    difficult child has her first psychiatrist appointment since being in PHP. I believe she is going to be getting a script for trazadone today. I am not sure how I am feeling about it. Do any of your kids take it to help with sleep? If so, does it make them drugged in the morning, or harder to wake up? I just want to have her sleep well, and wake up easily. If it is going to make her impossible to wake up then I do not want to give it to her. I am thinking about waiting until the weekend to try it. She has gotten up and out on time since she returned to school on Thurs. I know it is just 4 days, but for her that is huge right now. And, I am afraid to add anything to the mix. She is still not getting enough sleep, but she is doing better. What do y'all think? I am thinking give it to her on Friday and Saturday and see how she does on it?
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    medications affect different people in different ways. Trazadone makes me very groggy and hard to wake up in the mornings but I have a friend who takes it with no problems at all.

    I would recommend bringing up your concerns with the psychiatrist and seeing what psychiatrist says.

    Good Luck. I'm glad she was able to get up for four days - that's a positive sign.
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    I think trying it over the week-end is a great idea. People DO react to medications differently. The week-end will give you an idea if it will work or not. It might also depend on what time you give it to her in the evening. difficult child 1 takes a medication to help sleep (among other things) and I give it to him 1-2 hours before bedtime. It takes a while to work and I don't have to worry as much about mornings. If she goes to sleep earlier because it hits faster, oh well. If you give it too late, you run the risk of it lasting too long in the morning.

    Like I said, week-end is the PERFECT time to try it.
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    My #2 has taken it for years with no side effects. It's sure helped him although with all medications there are different possible reactions. Good luck. DDD
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    Well, it doesn't matter, because psychiatrist changed her mind, and didn't give us any trazadone. She pushed for her to take melatonin again but difficult child can't stand it. It makes her wake up at 2am wide awake. (does the same thing to me too.) So... I guess we will just try to continue without it. psychiatrist did at least listen to difficult child when she told psychiatrist that she was still having anxiety issues. psychiatrist upped difficult child's Celexa to 30mg. So, hopefully that will help.
    difficult child is asleep on the chair right now (5:50 pm) I told her she could have until 6 because I want her to be able to sleep tonight. Personally, I have NO idea how she could still be sleeping. Our2 dogs, and the foster dog are running in circles play fighting. Soo loud.
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    Sorry about the noise. But if she falls asleep that early, she will surely be awake in the middle of the night. Could you give her the Celexa later? Or give her one dose at dinnertime and one dose around 8?
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    The Celexa doesn't make her sleepy. So no reason to give it to her like that. She takes her Celexa in the am, and the Abilify around 8:30-9 at night because it still makes her tired. Thank goodness. And she started swimming in gym today, so I think the exercise pooped her out. She will just have to do her HW tomorrow before her class. I am no longer letting her behaviors control me. (my new mantra)
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    Are you sure the increased dose might not make her tired at least until her body adjusts?