psychiatrist Appointment Today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Nov 12, 2012.

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    My plan is to ask for a medication increase. He's growing like a weed (even he therapist says this!) and I see him going down the same path that the went down in the spring. Harder to control himself. His rages are turning violent towards me and easy child. When we did a medication increase in April he seemed to do much better, so we'll see what happens. This has been going on since before the storm, so I can't really say that it's because the power was out for 6 days and his schedule was all messed up with the schools being closed so much, although I know that that is definately part of it over the last two weeks. The psychiatrist usually listens to me, so I'm hoping that he will listen to me today. I spoke to the therapist about this late last week and he agrees with me that this might be what is needed.

    I'll let you all know how it goes.
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    Bunny, I hope your psychiatrist appointment. goes well. It is nice when the Dr's actually listen to us. Hopefully the medication increase will let everything settle into a more manageable level.