Psychiatrist appointment with difficult son


what a bad day today, I left crying could not even finished the session. He is so ungrateful and angry at me and everyone else.

He needs to move out of my house which him and my other son live with a roommate, they are not happy with him, he smokes pot all day does not work and bad vibes in the house.

I am willing to pay for a room or apartment for him to move into and he still angry about it.

My other son and his roommate want to live in peace and cover the mortgage which they do and my difficult child does not contributes too.

He has said in the past he would hurt his brother, I am fearful of this.

I may need to do a mental warrant to move him out.

He is 35, mood swings, possible bipolar.


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February, I'm sorry you are going through this with your son.

If you are in the U.S. you might contact NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, if that fits for you. They have very good courses for us parents which may offer you some resources, support and guidance. Another option is for you to attend Al Anon, Narc Anon, or Families Anonymous, many parents here have found solace in those 12 step groups.

If you are in the U.S. look at what the eviction laws are in your state so you are armed with the knowledge you may need in the event you choose to evict him. Learn your rights.

If your son is threatening his brother, then a restraining order may be a prudent option. Make sure you and your other kids are safe.

Your son's anger is not your responsibility, he has made the choices to get him where he is. Many of our kids put the responsibility for their lives in our hands when it belongs in theirs.

You can't change, fix or control what your son does, nor are you responsible to pay for his lifestyle choices.

At the bottom of my post here is an article on detachment, you may find it helpful.

Hang in there February, this stuff is hard. Keep yourself well supported. Keep posting. Take deep breaths, do your best to stay in the present moment without drifting in to the past or future and find things to be grateful for. Take very good care of yourself and do nurturing and kind things for yourself.

Sending you a big hug......