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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Had a psychiatrist appointment today and Q was yucky for the transition there but once there he did fine. That has never happened before, for some reason at this clinic he has always come over and kicked me or hit me or whatever, so they bring in a tech from the IOP program down the hall when he comes. He came again but just sat in the waiting room and didn't even have to say or do anything. Q said on the way out, why did you call for him?? I said I didn't, did you see me call?? (of course I did before we left, haha) and he said oh.

    anyway, I told her in private about the school psycho filing charges and she said if the da accepts the charges she will write a letter stating that it would be detrimental to him to go through any court proceedings and that he is incompetent to stand trial anyway.

    I feel a little better, the neurologist said the same when I told her so that is two docs and I know our pediatrician would absolutely do the same. We also have the home psychologist. I figure given all the reports and those docs and the level of sp ed, along with the fact that the state has already declared him permanently disabled.... we are probably going to be ok.

    She also upped the zyprexa. He is clearly much better in that he is not hitting me as much but we still have these rage episodes daily so she added 5 mg in the afternoon.

    Hope it does the trick.
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    Sounds like a good appointment to me!

    Sure helps when multiple "professionals" are prepared to shut down Psycho's stupidity.
    And another medications tweak... hopefully things improve some more.
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    it sounds like he was better for this appointment than some in the past- that is a good thing. i hope that the zyprexa increase works. psychiatrist sounds like she thinks the charges are as stupiid as we do, and the experts and letters will put a stop to this. is there a way to file child abuse, child endangerment and assault against psycho? After all, Q is afraid of him, was attacked and assaulted by him, and that restraint could have seriously hurt him and damaged him for the rest of his life - and not just in mental/emotional ways, or it could have killed him! wonder what psycho would say to that? I hope the da tells him that he (psycho) is lucky not to be lookng at prison time!
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    Hope the medication tweek gives you the desired control over his rages. I am also glad you have many experts on your side about the assault charges. I hope you rest easier now. -RM