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Yesterday difficult child had psychiatrist appointment. For some reason difficult child will not say anything when we are there. I asked a lot of questions. He is lowering his dose of Lamictal back to 150. that was when he was at his best. Because of the horrendous reaction to Lexapro and remerom, psychiatrist doesn't want to treat the anxiety. He spoke to difficult child, and difficult child would not talk. We talked about school. I told psychiatrist that the eight grade teacher ASKED for him, said he was a great kid. psychiatrist told difficult child that is great, "now you can let your brain work rather than your mouth". Now mind you, this is the spec. ed teacher that asked for him. I do not know who his teachers are for his core classes.

When we were about to leave, I asked psychiatrist what will happen when puberty sets in. Will it affect the medication dosage? Will we need to adjust it at that time? difficult child started to cry. He looked at me and said, "I can't believe you said that" and he left.
When I got to the car, he was crying and yelled at me for mentioning "puberty". I asked him why. He said all his friends have gone through puberty, lower voices, bigger bodies...but not him. I need to keep reminding him that he is a year younger than all the kids in his class. He was very upset and told me never to mention that again.

I asked psychiatrist what exactly he is treating him for. I know he wrote bipolar not otherwise specified. but never really mentions it. psychiatrist said insurance companies and schools fail to accept ODD as a real diagnosis. So, to get around that he puts bipolar not otherwise specified.
I asked if the ODD will get better as he matures. He said it could, but more than likely he will be an angry adult. Angry adults and drugs/alcohol do not mix. Now I am worried.


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There is really no way that any one can predict the futures of our difficult child's. We'll drive ourselves crazy if we try. lol. BT.

My difficult child once carried a diagnosis of mood disorder not otherwise specified, etc..He had some serious problems with aggressive behavior-over time with interventions this improved dramatically.

Earlier this year, he was provoked into a fight at school; afterward he was very remorseful. He recognizes his tendency to have a short fuse. He admits that he does not like this about himself and he tries to keep his cool. He knows that it doesn't feel to good to be angry or lose control. I believe this attitude came with maturity. A few years back, difficult child would've bragged about a fight and probably gone on to look for another one.

My difficult child is almost 17 now. I think he has come along way from being the angry, over-anxious child that he was. But I think his dose of Paxil is at the max. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if it stops working. I'll have to cross that bridge when and if I come to it...


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So what your doctor is doing is using the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis to ensure difficult child gets the most services available through school and the insurance company. It's actually a really thoughtful thing to do.


I don't know what to think. I worry about difficult child everyday. I am scared for him. All of you know that even through the defiance, there is a big heart. Others seem to focus on the defiance and never get to see the big, loyal heart.

I do not know what psychiatrist meant. I do know ODD is for sure. Been to many psychologist, pschiatrists, counselors over the years and all had the same outcome. I am worried. Heart is pounding a million beats a minute. Many things going on, and I am just not handling it well. I guess I ran into to many perfect parents over the last week, that have made comments that really hurt. (not directed at my difficult child..a general statement about difficult child's)
It hurts me to think that others actually think it is the parents fault. Failed to parent correctly. I thought we tried all the options. Comes a point when someone needs to help us through. Whether this will be long term, short term or in between, we need to make it one day at a time and aim for a productive future. Did I parent wrong? Did I make him this way? Is it something I did that caused this? difficult child is in pain, I am in pain. I just don't know how to pick up the peices right now.
I think it is high time for YOU to see your doctor. It is possible that your medications need to be changed. In addition, I would highly encourage seeing a therapist.

You also need to address the disagreements that you have in parenting with your husband. You are in no shape to do that right now, feeling as defeated as you do. That is why I suggested you take care of yourself first. Now is the time, I say jump on it, before the new school year starts.

If you do not take care of YOU, you cannot take care of your son.