Psychiatrist called! Finally in!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tictoc, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Hi all,
    Yesterday we got a call from the psychiatist's office...He had a cancellation and could see us in the afternoon. We rounded up a babysitter for easy child (a dear friend left her gathering with relatives who had just arrived from out of town to babysit--good friend) and off we went.

    So, the new psychiatrist seemed very good. We have been trying to get in for months and didn't have a scheduled appointment until the end of January. After difficult child's hypomanic episode Friday night, we really needed this appointment.

    Anyway, the dr. basically said he highly suspects early onset bipolar disorder, in addition to all the other stuff we already have diagnosis'd. I feel weird saying this, but I was so relieved. I've felt awful lately because in my gut this is what I have suspected and it has felt terrible to leave it untreated. My husband, who makes denial an art form, was taken completely off guard, but is coming around today.

    The psychiatrist offered us a choice of Abilify or Trileptal. husband and I did some reading and husband clearly preferred Trileptal, so I can go with that. We need to try something and if it isn't a good fit, move on from there. I am just glad that someone is finally moving us forward.
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    O that is good news to finally have some sort of diagnosis!

    Hope the new medications make a big difference...

  3. smallworld

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    That's very helpful. Is he having you discontinue the other medications as well?
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    I am glad you found a doctor you can work with. Remember on medications to start low and go slow. Most docs want to increase faster than many of our kids can tolerate.

    Also, if he is thinking Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP) have you read The Bipolar Child? It is the "bible" or sorts for that. It also has a medication protocol for treating Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP). There are a lot of medications that can cause mood cycling and many docs seem to forget this or just don't want to hear it.

    Glad you maybe have some answers and help!
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    I'm glad you found an answer that rings true for you. There's nothing worse than knowing there is more going on than they're seeing. I was relieved when the professionals and other people I met in the know could see what I saw too. For so long they looked at me like I was crazy to say my kid was AS. Now you can get onto the business of treatment and living life. Hugs, ML
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    Thanks for your good wishes. We are starting the Trileptal tonight. We wanted to have Christmas Eve and Christmas day without worrying about the new medication, but we are ready to start tonight. Bug seems ready, too. We have discontinued the Prozac, but for now the psychiatrist wants us to continue the clonidine and imipramine.

    I think Bug has had a clear episode of cycling in the past month, starting with the increase in energy level and defiance around Thanksgiving, peaking at the hypomania Friday night, and then sinking into a depression. The psychiatrist saw him as he was feeling better on Wednesday, but still thought he saw clear depressive symptoms. Bug seems a little more up today.

    husband is coming around on the prospect of Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP). He really is a rock once he gets to where something makes sense to him. But, it definitely takes him longer to get there.

    And, yes, I read "The Bipolar Child" a few months ago when we first started thinking in this direction. I'm going to get it from the library again on Monday to take another look now that I know more.

    Off to make lasagne for Christmas dinner!
  7. smallworld

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    Actually, the best medication protocal for treating bipolar disorder in children is not found in The Bipolar Child book, but on the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation website at this link:

    This document, written by a consensus conference of child/adolescent psychiatrists, is based on medical literature and provides step-by-step strategies for the treatment of mania and depression in young patients.
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    smallworld: Thanks, I'll add that to my resources to check out this weekend. I'm heading to the library right now to get some books.

    I really appreciate everyone's help and support. I tend to make sense of my world through reading, so reading your replies and getting suggestions for books and websites does me a lot of good.

    We had a very nice Christmas, given all that is going on. difficult child had a nice calm day and was thrilled with his various presents. It seemed that for the first time he actually registered, "Oh, my mom and dad put a lot of effort into getting me the things I like." He is a snugly, sweet little boy when he is at his best and yesterday was one of the good days.

    Today, though, he says he "head feels funny again." husband has him and easy child out in the yard right now. Let's hope for the best.
  9. jannie

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    I'm sorry to hear about that you weren't able to continue to the trileptal... Did the doctor suggest you now trial the abilify? Abilify has really been very good for us; my son has been on it since really helped with anger and frustration.
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    We are supposed to resume the Trileptal tomorrow or Thursday and hope the bleeding issue was related to constipation instead of the medication. I hope so. If we can't continue it, then I think husband will have to reconcile him self with Abilify.