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    starting kt on a stimulant. Didn't want to mess with her stability; also didn't want kt to believe there was a pill to "fix" all her difficulties. Because there isn't. And in the end I believe he's right.

    psychiatrist wants a report a month or 2 after school starts to see how she's doing. However, he & kt talked for 20 minutes or so. He told kt now is the time where grades are really important. And that kt is an intelligent young lady who has come a long way. She can, if she chooses, read her assignments (with help when necessary), or write her reports, whatever is asked of her. I sat back, listened & had little to offer (I'm mom & not cool enought to encourage kt right now).

    kt walked out of psychiatrist's office beaming.

    On the other hand, kt showed her typical teen 14 y/o girl antics. psychiatrist looked at me & said "aren't 14 y/o girls a PITA? kt kept asking what's a PITA, what's a PITA? psychiatrist looked at kt & told her to stop talking ~ told kt a PITA was exactly what kt was, just like his 14 y/o daughter. If kt thought that she & husband were arguing, kt should hang around his house. And he is a professional mental health care provider ~ he's ready to strangle his daughter. kt just laughed & said that what my dad says.

    I guess we have more typical teen things going on & that's cool. psychiatrist feels we should continue using PCAs, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers, whatever we have on hand. This will help kt stay on task & keep maturing. kt asked why it wasn't helping for wm; psychiatrist didn't & told kt he didn't have an answer for that. wm was just being wm.

    It was one of our better & more optimistic appts with psychiatrist in a long time. by the way, being chauffered to & from a psychiatrist appointment is wonderful ~ mental health case manager is ready to do it again in December. I'm getting a bit spoiled here. I think I deserve it. How about you? :princess::rofl:
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    That sounds pretty positive to me! psychiatrist sounds realistic and practical and I like the way he reinforced the typical teen PITA stuff going on.
  3. totoro

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    It sounds like a really good apt. Your psychiatrist sounds a little like ours, practical, honest, blunt and very realistic! But helpful. :)
    KT a typical teen what a wonderful thing to hear.
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    I'm impressed with your psychiatrist. I wish I could have found one like this for my difficult child years ago.
    Sounds like she is doing really well.:bravo:

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    Sounds like a great psychiatrist appointment. The psychiatrist sounds wonderful! How great that kt walked out of there beaming! I totally agree with your psychiatrist-I'm ready to strangle my own teenage daughter-lately difficult child has been more fun to around than her!
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    Linda, what a great post. So wonderful to hear that kt is behaving more and more like a typical teen.
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    Yes, psychiatrist is a keeper. He came into our family after wm was admitted to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for the first time. That is when our mental health case manager & myself approached him to take on kt as well. CM pointed out to psychiatrist that I was on the go with 2 major difficult children & that we ought to be on the same page treatment wise. psychiatrist kindly agreed.

    Keep in mind, he & I have butted heads over the years. Of course with great mutaul respect. :redface:

    kt was very proud, as was I. She's trying hard to be a "normal" kid. (Maybe too hard.) Her typical teen attitude while reassuring is driving me up a wall. I gave her an assignment while at the library yesterday to make a list of alternative words for swearing. OR she could keep swearing....I would save money on prom dresses & I surely wouldn't have to worry about paying for a wedding. You should have seen the look on that child's face. :bigsmile: It was classic! :lady:

    Thank you, ladies. I always appreciate each & everyone of you. :flowers:
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    sounds like a great appointment, a great doctor, and a maturing kt! typical teen stuff will def keep you on your toes!

  9. Christy

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    Sounds like thingas are going well for KT. Glad to hear it!
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    So nice to hear good news. Congrats to kt for doing so well, and I think I like your psychiatrist too. The good ones are hard to find.