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    He sounded a little frustrated with me calling so often and said he didn't know what to do- every time he starts difficult child on a new medication, I'm calling five days later saying he isn't reacting well to it. Well, I guess that is true. But, it is true that difficult child seems to get worse on certain dosages or medications, so I don't know what to do. He said he didn't know what to do either, that if he knew the medication that would work with difficult child he would give it to him, but that it could take 3 years to find it and if difficult child was having that much of a problem, then take him to the psychiatric hospital. I said how, he said just take him. He said it didn't have to be right at the minute things are at their worst (my experience with psychiatric hospital says otherwise- actually, people at psychiatric hospital have directly told me otherwise). I had intended on asking him for a little help getting difficult child to be accepted in and maybe a call to the right people to help with transporting, but after the conversation went in this direction, I didn't even bother asking- he just sounded like he didn't want to be on the phone with me AGAIN.

    Oh yeah, he also said we needed a therapist to help us get a hold on this and help difficult child to function even when he is a little manic or doesn't feel right. I agree, but that isn't so easy to find. I know he at this point, thinks I'm just looking for excuses, but difficult child has been seeing a therapist since last June- the guy is one notch aaway from being a full-fledged quack and hasn't had a single one conversation with difficult child about cycling, much less how to handle it. Then, we started (together) with another who is supposed to be more qualified and who I thought could help with issues more along these lines. This started in Feb., and so far, he just asks questions and looks befuddled and makes those statements that we, as parents, take to mean that he just does not get the problem.

    Anyway... just wanted an ear to listen I guess. :( I feel so discouraged right now- I don't know how you guys keep hanging on sometimes.
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    Did you ask about day treatment? Or did you get enough info about getting difficult child into day treatment yourself? My understanding is that psychiatric hospital are generally for short-term acute care (as in 3 to 5 days). While day treatment may be a matter of weeks, its goal is longer-term stabilization.
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    Darn it- I got caught up in the medications and what all difficult child had done this week and the "too many phone calls" bit and I completely forgot. Well, I know of one around here and I did look it up online today- maybe I'll just call them tomorrow and get some info. Thanks for reminding me!

    I do wonder though- how did you present that to your difficult child's so they would be willing and agreeable and have a good attitude about this? Or, did you just say, "this is it. period."?
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    I'm sorry the psychiatrist is being the way he is. One thing I've always appreciated about difficult child's psychiatrist is when difficult child is having a lot of problems he tells us to call as often as needed. Hugs.
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    Thanks, Sharon! I understand psychiatrist being frustrated- I just wish he could see that I am not exagerating when I say this medication isn't working. The psychiatrist on call the other night, though, mentioned that maybe gffg isn't having reactions to medications like I think- maybe they just aren''t taking effect yet and in the meantime, difficult child keeps right on escalating further or rapid cycling more or whatever- which is why we were changing medications to begin with. There could be truth in that- some of the times.

    I think it left me a little paranoid about medication changes when difficult child's first medication was prozac and after a year, the only dosage he'd ever been on (low dose) was doubled, then I hear from psychiatrist that difficult child was manic after he got 7 legal charges in less than 2 hours. First, psychiatrist never told me warning signs to watch for. So, I am left feeling like it is my responsibility to notice and do something about ANY reaction before he gets into trouble again. And, I think the court has emphasized that indirectly.

    Another question, Smallworld, re. day treatment- I can see that it would be a great way to evaluation medications and how much behavior is connected to disorder and how much is in difficult child's control and how difficult child interacts with peers, authority figures, etc., so- do they get involved with IEP recommendations for his return to school as well?
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    Yes, a good day treatment program will make recommendations for continuing care, including an appropriate school setting. My son J has been asked to leave his private school, and we are just starting the IEP process in our county SD. J's attending psychiatrist at the day treatment program wrote a discharge summary that we are submitting as part of our paperwork for the IEP. We are also submitting neuropsychologist testing from a year ago and a report written by an educational consultant who observed J at his current school. It is filled with references to J not engaging in his schoolwork and homework -- good stuff for obtaining an IEP and appropriate placement.
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    Thanks, Smallworld! That is good news! So, was getting difficult child to go to day treatment a "basket B" or a "you are doing it. period"?

    Edited: Actually, it can't really be basket b. So, I'll have to think about how to discuss this with him.
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    I"m so sorry to hear you are having a rough time. it does seem endless some days, doens't it? a continuous merry go round with no way off.

    i'd say in my own opinion that maybe if you explain to difficult child that it is to help him would that work? that's what i always say to difficult child and it seems to do the trick. yet we are 3rd year in and she isn't all soo willing anymore.

    i agree whole heartedly about those short term hospitalizations is for acute care sort of get them in stabilize and discharge.

    no long term care thing
    good luck