psychiatrist is dxing difficult child with-Mood Disorder not otherwise specified

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jan 9, 2013.

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    ... which doesn't surprise me. I asked for a letter about difficult child and why he is taking lithium, for the school system's 504 and future Child Study. The dr's receptionist called to ask the name of our therapist for the letter, and I in turn asked her if the diagnosis was Mood Disorder not otherwise specified or (emerging) bipolar.
    I was not surprised to hear that bipolar was not written. As I mentioned to the school psychiatric yesterday, once it's in writing, it's forever.
    Since we're getting the treatment we need, I really don't care what it's called.
    Having said that, with-the way the health care system is going, I think it will benefit difficult child to get it in writing in a few years, once he's on his own.
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    Doesn't really surprise me either. I think you're wise to ask for things in writing and thinking to his future need for it is wonderful. I only wish I could think that far ahead. It IS hard to get a diagnosis "off the books" once it's in writing. I'm still working on getting the ODD replaced with the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in his records.
  3. Terry - I am not surprised either. Probably best to be Mood Disorder not otherwise specified for now. He's still young and if it ends up not being bipolar that will be harder to change. I wondered why he was on lithium myself but that would explain it.
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    The psychiatrist said that quite often, kids with-mood disorders (aka rage issues) do well on a small dose of lithium, like 150 to 300 mg. But we've titrated up to 300 mg twice a day and I can still see where difficult child gets worked up way too much over things and we're going to up the dosage again. Plus, he's got the anxiety and the sweaty body temp control issues that often go with-bipolar.
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    i actually think its the other way around...for whatever reason, lithium helps regardless of the diagnosis, so there needs to be a diagnosis in place that supports the use of it---hence the not otherwise specified. it would be hard to justfiy the use of lithium in say, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) would lean toward an inappropriate off label use. it can be used when the symptoms dont "quite" fit critera. its often done for insurance reasons. and maybe more importantly, the cya reason. :)

    time will tell what the final labels are....but for now, if its working....well, you know.
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    Yep. :)
    There is no "drug for Asperger's." Yes, many Aspies/autistics have anxiety issues, etc. and are on medications, but it's not like the standard lithium for bipolar.