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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    When we were at the psychiatrist's office yesterday waiting in the lobby, a mom came in with her young daughter, I'm guessing around 9yrs or so. The daughter made a bee-line for the TV that was on playing the movie "Finding Nemo", which my two difficult child's were sort of watching. The girl was moving to change the tape, and her mom tried to redirect or at least intervene to show the girl that she needed to check with the others in the room first, but there was no stopping her. I told the mom it was no problem, I figured it wasn't that important for the difficult child's -- they've seen it enough times and we have it at home, plus they're older and can make the sacrifice.

    The mom thanked me and then told the girl it was okay to change the tape, but she really wasn't listening. She was on a mission to put her tape of choice in.

    Then she got up and walked over to where I was sitting, not making eye contact but stating matter-of-factly "That's MY chair." At first I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or the boy in the chair next to me on the other side of a small table. She was standing between us. But her body was facing me, and then she briefly looked at me and made her declaration again, a little more loudly and emphatically.

    By now her mom was approaching and telling her that no, it wasn't her chair and that it's not okay to say that, and as she reached to grab her shoulder to gently turn her away, the girl slapped her mom on the arm. Mom was calm, but reprimanded her for hitting and then a bit more insistently ushered her daughter away from the area. All the while she was apologizing to me for the outburst and the behavior, yada, yada, yada. Then she paused and said, "Well, she has issues..."

    I just laughed and said, "Ya know something, we ALL do, that's why we're HERE!" :laugh:

    She started to laugh and I could see her relax a bit, possibly realizing that if there were any place where she wouldn't need to explain her daughter's behavior, it's in the lobby of the psychiatrist's office! :D
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    How true! :rofl:
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    It is nice you can see the humor in this. You would be shocked at how many people would not see the humor, or else would not see the problem with the girl coming in and changing tapes or channels even if others were already watching something.

    It is also nice to hear of other parents trying to insist on polite/appropriate manners from their children. Around here it has become a rarity unless it is done in a "show offy" way. Sigh.