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    I do not like difficult child's psychiatrist. Never listens. Talks real quick and gives him a new drug and shoots him out the door. All within 10 minutes.

    After therapist said Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and ADHD and we discussed this and decided to treat the anxiety first, I called Friday to make an appointment. Today was the appointment. Also left a message for him. (all calls returned within 24 hours is what his message says) I told him of how things are falling apart and I would like to speak to him. I get a call back 6 hours later from a lady that said Dr. is off today it would be best if you just addressed your issues on Tuesday. Grrrrr. Could of said Monday he would call.

    After 2 months of seeing a pschologist, who is wonderful, we went back today to the psychiatrist.

    He tries to fast talk us, interupting me every time I tried to say something. I told him about the therapist and what he said. psychiatrist says "oh, yes I have the same diagnosis." No, that was never said to me. If so, then WHY haven't we tried treating it. I told him of his reaction to Topomax as well as his high anxiety and ER visits and dr. visits because he thinks he is dying. He yells and says he hasn't seen difficult child in 4 months HOW would he know. I told him I am TRYING to tell you. Anyway, he told me to go somewhere else if I don't like him. But I just don't have the time. I have been taking off of work to bring difficult child to appointments the way it is. psychiatrist wants to give him Strattera. I asked for something to help with anxiety before we address ADHD. He said Strattera does that also.

    Then he said about 4 weeks to start working. I told him that with concerta and focalin it is quick in and quick out. We knew he had a bad reaction within hours of taking it, and it was quick out. I asked if there were any stimulants without ritalin. He says yes. I asked if we could try that first since then we would know in one day rather than waiting 4 weeks. (he doesn't think difficult child will react to any medication, that it is just the way he is and HE has to make the change. Not medication)

    So, psychiatrist says he'll give vyvanse. difficult child asked about adderal. psychiatrist told him that is another without ritalin. So difficult child asks if he can try that. Sure. Writes out a prescription for 57 pills. I asked him if we can just have a few pills since he has had reactions in the past and I am stuck with a full bottle of pills. He said no.

    I asked him what we can do to address anxiety. He still says Strattera. He sais we'll see how Adderal goes and if it works well we will start Strattera also. Along with it. For anxiety.

    Side affects that I read for Strattera say "anxiety". Has anyone ever heard this? And what are your thoughts?

    I need a new psychiatrist, but difficult child also needs to begin a treatment plan.

    He also gave him a prescription for 120 xanax. I questioned that stating he needs a treatment plan not a "quick fix". Again he said Strattera but first we need to see if Adderal works and he doubts any medications will work with difficult child.

    So $85 later we have a bottle of Adderal. I didn't think of it until later that I should of asked the pharmacy to only give me a few.

    difficult child put on 13 more pounds. Now he is 5'1" and weighs 150lbs.

    I am just really upset at how today went. At one point when I was trying to tell psychiatrist about his anxiety attack and WHY he refused xanax (he never asked) psychiatrist says "Well - ANY medication can kill him". I looked at him and said that statement was not very nice. Especially to say to someone who has anxiety such as difficult child does.


    Comments and thoughts appreciated. I KNOW - a NEW psychiatrist is on my list.
    Laptop battery is about to go out. I'll check back later.
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    Kjs-FWIW - Please be careful with-the Xanax. It is highly habit forming and addictive. I say this because of an incident this past week in my immediate family where a family member was prescribed it for severe anxiety. This family member is a recovering alcoholic and has no previous experience with-this type of medication or any medications. This person lost 1 1/2 days this past week. Once we discovered what happened we were told this medication is like pouring alcohol down his throat. A friend who is a pharmacist said you won't believe the people who line up the day they can renew their script for that stuff.

    We had tried a combo of tenex and straterra for ADHD, but it never seemed to help with that or anxiety. Our psychiatrist kept insisting to treat the ADHD first and we tried every stimulant under the sun and my difficult child reacted badly to every single one. The only thing that we have had amazing results with is fluexotine (prozac). With difficult child too, it's not ADHD but sensory processing disorder (SPD) that is presenting as ADHD.

    I defintely agree a new psychiatrist is in order.

    Good luck.
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    I wouldn't go back. Honestly. Some psychiatrists do more harm than good, and this psychiatrist is bogus.

    Sometimes, nothing is better than garbage.

    Here's my thoughts on the medications, anyway -

    Adderall is good for ADHD for some. But, I can tell you J took it, it caused increased anger and aggression (side effect in prescribing information) not only with him (on a small dose, too, like 5 mg if I remember right) and even WORSE with D. Oh, and kids SELL Adderall. Um, difficult child *asking* for it, I'd automatically say NOPE! Yeah, they're running it around the school here.

    Strattera is like an SSRI or SSNRI something haha...I know, me professional. :) I think it has some type of antidepressant property to it, ehh - I dunno, someone else with more brains will come along, but it did make D very weepy (had to really cram through my notes to find out about that one, it's been a while).

    I, myself, take Xanex. Now - I can tell you that it's prescribed to me 3x per day OR AS NEEDED. I have some kinda blah blah Anxiety Disorder something or other....and if I take it 3x per day I'm zombified. It's a good oh-the-house-is-burning-down-that's-okay pill, seriously, for me (25 mg. and I'm about 175 lbs), and I have asked for it for D, but I'm always denied. I don't know how I feel about it for kids. Yes, addictive, I suppose, but I'm not. My theory really is if it works, it works, and that's that (after 37 medication trials here for D).

    I guess different things work for different kids with medications. You know, all you can do is try. I just made a post myself on Zoloft, because psychiatrist said he wanted to try it for anxiety, and I'm like, it's an antidepressant??!?!? But, I guess it does help with anxiety too. Who knew?

    I'm really sorry your psychiatrist is such, um, crud. I hope you get something else really, really soon.
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    Just need to add, difficult child is afraid of having a bad reaction. Afraid he will die. He was given xanax in the ER and refused to take it because he "might have a bad reaction and die". difficult child tells me about the kids at school who buy the drugs and what they sell for.

    I honestly believe that he asked for it because of the weight issue. He knows it is an appetite suppressant and has put on a lot of weight.

    Kids tease him about his weight. He will not, no way even try a medication that has weight gain as a side effect. And believe me, he looks all this carp up. He is afraid of drinking/drugs. More like terrified.
    Plus, just because we have tylenol #3, xanax (me), vicoden(husband), focalin, concerta, ambien...we have all those drugs. difficult child said kids buy all of that.

    Anyway, just because some kids knows he has the xanax (which he refuses to take cause he might die) we took all the drugs and we have them locked up. Just for the fact that kids call him and ask him to get it. He tells us that. This way, he has no access to this anyway.

    difficult child called from school a short time ago (his lunch) to tell me he does not feel bad and thinks it will work. I just told him I am glad. But honestly, I do not have high expectations. Just so many bad effects from trials in the past.

    He knows also, that there is no pill in the world that will "make him" do his homework. He has to put forth the effort.

    As for psychiatrist, when he said no medication will work with difficult child that he has to do it...I looked at him and asked him if he treats any kids for ADHD.??

    This is a board certified pediatric psychiatrist. He works with Roger's Memorial Hospital.

    sigh. double sigh.
  5. Wiped Out

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    I do not like this psychiatrist. He reminds me so much of difficult child's first psychiatrist. He would never listen to us or even really talk to difficult child. I was so glad when we finally switched psychiatrists. I hope you are able to find a new one soon!
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    The first time I was yelled at, we would be done. End of story. Then he mentioned that any pills could kill difficult child in front of him!! I have switched family docs for that. Stupid medical assistant read about stephen's johnsons disorder right in front of difficult child. difficult child accused me of trying to kill him for days afterward.

    I would be done with him, end of story. Bye Bye.
  7. ML

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    I don't like this psychiatrist either. I hope you find a new one soon!
  8. DaisyFace

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    So what happened...was your appointment cutting into his golf time or what? :mad: Sheesh...

    It sounds to me as if the "dislike" is mutual. This psychiatrist is clearly giving you some 'blow-you-off' messages...and it sounds like his goal is not so much to help you, as it is to get rid of you....

    If that's the case, then he really is a huge jerk--and you really have no choice but to find a psychiatrist who wants to help you.

    Good luck!!

  9. Andy

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    So unprofessional! Where are his people skills?
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    N*'s first ADD Rx was for Adderal. After a few days she was more aggressive and disagreeable than ever before. I took her off of that PDQ. I told psychiatrist and therapist that when SHE recognized this drug wasn't working, it wasn't working - and if the drug wasn't working for HER, she would not take it. After about six months, we tried her on Concerta - and at psychiatrist's advice, investigated Ritalin LA when it came on the market. She started on 20 mg doses and as she grew, she was tested more times, and the dosage was increased to 40 mg.

    I hope this one works for him. I never cared it the medication worked the teachers or school admin people, the medication worked for the child, or she didn't take it.