psychiatrist rescheduled for May?!


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I just realized this morning that I had a voicemail from difficult child's psychiatrist. She has to work in-patient on Monday and has to reschedule but the soonest she can see us is mid-May. Noooo. Look I know I'm cranky but lets look at why...
difficult child is NOT sleeping well
I'm not sleeping well between difficult child waking up 3x a night and worrying about her slightly elevated liver function from the depakote
husband will be home soon, I'm trying to figure out the best way to prepare difficult child.
difficult child has decided to move so far away from potty training that I've had to wash everything in the house and/or wrestle her to the floor to change her.
difficult child has gained 3lbs in just over a week... this also means we're dangerously close to diapers of any kind other than x-small adult ripping wide open.
difficult child is slipping yet again.
What on earth do I do? Wine sounds nice but it will get really expensive by May. Do I write a letter to the psychiatrist addressing my concernms and hope to work through the issues that way?
Im terrified that everything going on will send difficult child into a tailspin and she'll end up back in in-patient shortly after husband gets home, I mean she's so excited now that if you ask her how old she is she responds with how long until husband is home, if you ask her name she responds by telling you "Daddy far away, in Iraq, he's coming home!"
I'm getting scared here, very scared. Can't find corkscrew...gonna panic.... :faint:


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{{{Hugs}}} That's sooo frustrating! I think I would call the office tomorrow and explain that MAY won't work. Maybe there is something earlier or you can be placed on the cancellation list.


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I'm already on the list but they're double booked mostly. I have a feeling something finally happened with difficult child's prior psychiatrist or, God forbid, the head honcho psychiatrist who handles in-patient. I can't exactly ask so I'm praying for him either way. If the other female psychiatrist we had finally left the practice though, Ill cheer and put up with just about anything until they get situated.