psychiatrist says we may add another MS to difficult child 2...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    but he doesn't want to rock the boat too much right now and would rather wait until the school year ends. He says the stimulant is obviously not the right medication to help with difficult child 2's focus and attention because we wouldn't be having the issues we are at just 5-10mg.

    He says that clearly there is a gap in what Seroquel is addressing for difficult child 2, and that his mood is still affecting his focus/attention issues.

    So he's thinking that Trileptal (his logic is that husband is doing o.k. on it and difficult child 2 has many similar traits) will probably be added to the Seroquel XR, but not just yet, unless things start to become intolerable. Right now, things are o.k. Not great, but o.k.

    I told him about the improvement in focus after exercise, and he said that was excellent and to keep doing it if it helps.

    So I guess we just keep on as we are, add some exercise before homework (and maybe a brisk walk before school) and hope that he stays stable through the coming months. Then in June we can add Trileptal and see if that helps, with the caveat that we jump on it sooner if he starts to fall apart.

    Part of me is glad to know we have a plan, but part of me is impatient and not really wanting to wait four more months. But I do understand about not wanting to make drastic changes if he's doing o.k. overall.
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    My husband and difficult child react similiarly to medications. Neither can tolerate Depakote, both do well on Lamictal. husband is a bit more severe and needs more medications than difficult child, which could be due to going untreated for so long.

    Keep going with the excercise. I know it helps me. I have not been able to work out this week as I injured my foot, and I have been rather itchy, if you get my drift.
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    I always feel better knowing there is a plan. Hope it gives you a little peace, too.