psychiatrist update with difficult child 2's suspension issues...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I got difficult child 2 in to see the psychiatrist Wednesday afternoon to discuss his suspension because of the Swiss Army knife, the supposed threat he made, etc. So here's his take on it:

    He believes (as do I) that this was not a premeditated act. That difficult child had no clue about the potential for how his comments would be interpreted by others, especially in light of the fact that he was found to have the knife -- difficult child swears up and down that he never said he "would" hurt anyone with the knife, just that he "could", and to him, that's a huge distinction, but to the rest of the world, it's mincing words when you have a knife in your pocket.

    The jitteriness, bad handwriting, and impulsiveness and overall anxiety is going to be addressed with a scrip for Inderal (which mommy dearest already takes to calm her pounding heart thanks to her tricyclic A.D.)

    psychiatrist cautioned against sending him back to school Friday, and suggested calling the teacher to find out what the climate is like. No need to send him back to a pit of vipers.

    psychiatrist also felt it would be prudent to move him to the GATE magnet school for a fresh start. He said that the herd mentality that seems to have developed against difficult child 2 would be hard to overcome for him, despite the admin's efforts to conduct sensitivity training, anti-bullying campaigns, etc. The kid's a marked man. So we'll see how the rest of this quarter goes and think about moving him for the second half of the year.

    therapist also wants to see difficult child this afternoon, since he's a good friend of the district crisis counselor we'll be seeing on Friday. God works in mysterious ways, of that I'm convinced, because I only stumbled across this therapist through another therapist (I found through a referral at our local children's hosptial) whom I consulted for difficult child 1's needle phobia over a year ago. When difficult child 2 started to fall apart last spring, we were referred to this latest therapist. Who knew he'd have inroads at our district?

    Let's see, I've got library duty this morning, husband's neuro appointment after lunch where we'll probably hear that he has a seizure disorder, difficult child 2's therapist appointment after that, the next day it's a meeting with the district crisis counselor and the decision whether to send difficult child 2 back to class or not, which leaves me with exactly Friday afternoon and Saturday to finish my holiday shopping! And fingers crossed that I don't have to take anyone else's bedroom door away from them!

    Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a valium and a nap. You can wake me sometime in January!
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    Sounds like a good psychiatrist and therapist. I agree with not sending him back to school on Friday. The day before break can be really hard for kids like ours. Maybe the magnet school will give him a chance for a fresh start. Hugs to you and I hope you get a nap!
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    I would keep him home. Probably not going to be critical that he is there on the last day of break and it may do a lot to help calm his anxiety. Hopefully the medication and the therapty will help.

    I'm wishing Saturday evening arrives for you quickly and you find yourself with some quality nap time and all your errands done!!!

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    HI. I want to let you know that Depakote can cause bad handwriting and hands to shake. My daughter was on it for a few months. She was a teenager, and she refused to continue taking it. She said it made her feel "stupid" (she couldn't think clearly) and she shook A LOT. Finally, being seventeen, she tossed it in the trash. Just a thought.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    LDM, WO, MWM, Thanks so much for your replies :smile: I'll talk with husband, the todc (and difficult child 2) more today about keeping him home Friday.

    MWM -- that's an interesting comment about the Depakote and handwriting. In his particular case, I don't attribute the shakiness to that, because he had significant problems six months before starting Depakote.

    I did give him a dose of the Inderal yesterday afternoon, and even he said he felt calmer and less shakey. His hands still had a little movement, but not like before. Interesting that he told us he has to tense up his whole body to try to control the shaking... poor kid!

    I'm sure I'll post more later today after our appointment(s)!
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    I'm so happy you have found caring professional's amazing how hard it is to find that! You probably are already familiar with the term but in case you are not (I only learned
    this about five years ago myself) what the dr. described to you
    is referred to in the School Board world as "manifestation". In
    most places if your child makes a bad decision and gets into trouble they have a Manifestation Hearing. Thank God for our Board family because someone gave me a heads up before I went in
    expecting a regular meeting. IF the behavior is a manifestation
    of your childs disability they can not kick him out of school.
    Where we live the meeting consisted of five adults and after a
    discussion there was a vote. The school counselor began by stating that SHE was sure that the behavior (baby baby knife)
    was NOT a manifestation and he should be removed. Thanks to the
    Board I had my act together and the meeting ended with only the
    counselor voting for his removal. Good luck to you all. DDD
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    gcvmom Here we go again!


    THANK YOU for alerting me to that term! I was not familiar with it, and just "googled" it with our school district name and found the district's document that explains the expulsion policy in detail.

    I don't believe we are looking at expulsion at this juncture. If anything, the school is scrambling to give him an IEP instead of the 504 he has and to determine what services he needs to better support him. Everyone agrees that he's a great kid with a great heart and they all seem to be eager to help, much to my relief.

    We'll know more after tomorrow's meeting at school.

    I'm SO glad that we've got a two-week break around the corner!