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psychiatrist is going to write a letter so I'll have that to go along with the letter from therapist. Hopefully, psychiatrist will just keep diagnosis to BiPolar (BP) and adjustment disorder- we discussed it- I think he understood why it's important- mainly because that's the diagnosis he gave him that I went to court with last year and because that's what he's rx'ing medications for. Anything else jsut confuses people- especially if you go to other laymen with a handful of diagnosis's.

And---medication change!! We obviously aren't going to try adding an AD as originally planned to due the cycling that's going on now. He took depkote er out altoghther (silent, mental YIPEES running all through my mind). He debated over seroquel and ttegretol and went with tegretol, keeping the lithobid as is. I should have pushed for seroquel maybe- I kicked myself in the rear on the way home for that but honestly was worried more about the letter and needed info from him while in his office.

So, other than his precaution about a very slight risk in blood count changes and resulting infections, any other info I need to know about tegretol?

We go back in 2 1/2 weeks so if it isn't doing much, I'll ask for seroquel instead. I will say that when psychiatrist debates things like this, he does think out loud and it sounds like he really is trying to take difficult child's specific symtoms, patterns, previous side effects, into consideration a lot,, which I like. They all should, but at psychiatric hospital, they tend to have regular medications that they just give to any kid in their with similar problems and don't look at specifics for a kid, of course, they don't know the detailed history like the regular psychiatrist does.

Anyway, good riddance to the depakote and side effects!!


Here we go again!
Well fingers crossed that Tegretol does the job for him! I know you're tired of the medication merry-go-round, but there's not much you can do until you find what works for him.

Hope the letter is instrumental in getting the services you want for him!


klmno, this is one medication I have no experience with! But I do hope it does the trick. And I hope psychiatrist's letter makes a difference in getting the services your difficult child needs and deserves. Hugs.


I don't have any experience with Tegretol either, I just wanted to add my support to the bunch and wish you luck. So - good luck, I hope he does well on it. :)


And thanks for the continuing support you have given me. It is much appreciated. :)


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No experience here with it, either. Youngest took seroquel briefly, but she hated how it made her feel...out of touch I think.... so we dropped it. I think it also lowered her seizure threshhold .. which was a problem for her.


I'm glad you got rid of the Depakote, it wasn't helping him at all. Here's hoping that Tegretol makes a huge difference. I too like that psychiatrist is processing all the information about difficult child when he makes his choices. Fingers crossed xo ML


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Sounds like your psychiatrist is a keeper. :)
I don't know anything about Tegretol. I'm glad you are able to get rid of the depakote.
Good luck!

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I'm glad the psychiatrist is going to write a letter!! My son was on Tegretol for a bit along with Depakote and Lithium. For him it wasn't helpful but a lot wasn't. Keeping fingers crossed this will help your difficult child. Hugs.


Klmno: Glade to hear you are getting your son in with a caring considerate person.
Making a change...could be good! Could be VERY good!
I am so hoping that all this gets behind you sooner than later and that you and your difficult child have some much happier times coming soon. Will be waiting and ready to see!