psychiatrist yelled at me

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Jun 26, 2008.

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    I felt like a little girl getting a scolding. She was upset that I didn't call. SRL, you were right, I should have. She said that the kind of anxiey difficult child was experiencing, especially at night was not to be tolerated. I guess what happens is that you get sooo used to challenging and odd behaviors that you sort of forget the baseline of normal. Does this make sense? Fight or Flight has been my norm too long.

    She convinced me to truly give the Tenex a try. The behaviors got the worst when I completely took away the Celexa and so I'm keeping him on 5mg for a while, at least until the Tenex kicks in fully, to see what that's going to do.

    What a ride!

  2. Steely

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    Fill us in more.......
    How does she think tenex is going to help with the anxiety?
    Was the celexa making his behavior worse?
    And why on earth did she scold you! Meanie:sick:
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    I think that having a psychiatrist yell at me would be the day I start looking for a new psychiatrist.

    It is very true that we get used to our difficult child's and their strange behaviors and forget what "normal" is (if we really new).

    Is it possible that the behaviors you saw when you took Celexa away were withdrawal symptoms? google Celexa withdrawal if you want to know more about it.

    I hope that the tenex works and that you develop a good relationship with the psychiatrist.
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    you get sooo used to challenging and odd behaviors that you sort of forget the baseline of normal.

    Absolutely, that sounds like my life. I know exactly how you feel.
    So sorry ... another way of looking at it is that the psychiatrist cares enough about you and her pt to "yell" at you. {{hugs}}
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    If your doctor is as hard to get a hold of as ours, I can see whay you didn't call. I also agree that sometimes we are so used to dealing with difficult behaviors that it becomes our "norm".

    Hope the new medication is helpful.
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    psychiatrists should be able to share info without scolding. A simple, I am sorry you had to go through this. You do know that you can call me at any time. Next time this happens this is the plan....."

    I had a SW try to scold me because I went to school with my difficult child last Fall. I told her that we had no idea what was going on with him and if I did know it was anxiety, I may have handled it differently but when you have a child who is falling apart with no history of such behavior, you don't know if it is a physical, emotional, and/or mental health problem.

    Next time you feel a scolding coming on, stand your ground. You did the best you knew how and the reason you have a psychiatrist is to learn more, not to be scolded for not doing what the psychiatrist thought you should have. Hindsight decisions are always so much easier than living the moment.
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    geez as if you do not have enough stress.

    I agree time to look for a new psychiatrist, difficult child II's just abruptly resigned, so we can look together!
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    Another who says it's time to look for a new psychiatrist-sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else. Hugs.
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    Thanks everyone! She thinks that the Tenex will help with the fright flight response. It does seem unconventional. I mean I don't know anyone else here that talks about this medication for anxiety. I was thinking that it could be Celexa withdrawal which is why I am doing it even slower now.

    The reason she decided to take him off was because of increased ODD. He was more emotionally fragile, upset, argumentative etc. This after about 9 months of thinking it was working just fine. He was also eating compulsively. Interestingly, he is still doing that. His anxiety really was so much better. Now it's all coming back. He won't even go upstairs by himself anymore (this is a return of before too).

    It is so frustrating to watch your child suffer. This kind of anxiety is such a life handicap.

    Thanks again for your support.