psychiatrist's verdict is....


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increase the Tenex to 2 mg a day (1 mg BID from .5 mg BID).

I didn't see THAT one coming. He's pretty confident we'll see an improvement in M's increased irritability, lowered tolerance for environmental triggers, and daily outbursts within 3 days to a week. Me, I'm not so sure. Then, it sounds like his second line of defense might be to increase the Celexa! (he made a comment to the effect that he's had patients at higher doses before or something along those lines)

He said if we didn't see an improvement from the Tenex within the week, I was welcome to call him (I almost laughed, because in the past he is far from prompt in returning my calls, if AT ALL) and I said I would certainly give him a call before we leave for vacation if need be!


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Just an alternative prespective for what's it worth. I hope you find some relief in going to a higher dose of Tenex.

Tenex made my youngest far more irritable, and far more likely to rage, which it apparently can do in some subset of Bipolar type kids, so if you have have any concerns about your son's behavior don't be shy about calling your psychiatrist.

You need to titrate back down on it, not stop it.

On the impulsivity front, Abilify made a huge difference for my youngest.

And on the Irritability front, Lamictal was a miracle worker for my eldest. Prozac didn't really address his issues, and made him disinhibited

so if your current combo doesn't give you the results you want it might be worth doing some research on above medications, which are pretty mainstream I think.

good luck...


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I lost count on the number of medication tweaks and changes we've made over the years.

Sending you lots of support - I hope this is a tweak that makes a positive change for you. :angel:


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Pepperidge is right to remind the need for titration. We had
tremendous results from Tenex but GFGmom learned the hard way
that you can't cold turkey from Tenex like you can from stims.
Good luck. DDD


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Good luck! I guess you don't know what will happen until you try...everyone is so different in how they react to medications. I hope the increase in Tenex works!


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Be optimistic. It is possible this will help. Tenex did alot for my difficult child. I only wish I could have gotten Dex to ensure she got it every night. I had to pull it because it was too dangerous if she missed it.

Fingers crossed! Have fun on vacation!



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I was thinking about it....*WILL* I really know in a few days if the increase is helping? The psychiatric hospital psychiatrist had said that Tenex was one of those drugs that needed to build up to have an effect (as in weeks). Is it because it's already "built up" that dose increases are more immediate as far as results go, or was our psychiatrist wrong on the "within a few days" thing?

I'll tell ya this morning I'm glad he just walked out the door for the bus! Yikes! Running around the house, so distracted, so nosey (I swear he's getting nosier by the day, it's driving us all MAD!), rubbing his brothers head....ack! Between him and his brother I don't know what I'm going to do the few weeks that school is out in August! LOL


Here we go again!
Hope the Tenex works for him.

It made things worse for difficult child 2 when he was on it with a stimulant -- he developed the manic flight of ideas and pressured speech. Neither the pharmacist, the psychologist, or the psychiatrist could figure that out.