Psychic reading--anyone have a good one?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I'm having one done soon, and I made the psychic tell me something about myself before I sent in my money order. She told me, without hesitation, that my birthday was around Sept. 5th. Um, mine is Sept. 4th. It could be lucky guess, but I do believe some are gifted to communicate beyond and she was listed as one of the ten best psychics. Mostly I want to communicate with my mother, who passed, and my grandmother. This psychic doesn't want ANY information from you about yourself. I had a silly reading at a psychic fair once--obviously vague and not authentic. Anyone have a good one, other than being told, "You're having trouble in your relationships." DUH!!!! Or "You will take a vacation sometime in your life"
    I had a spooky experience once that still freaks me out. IF I get any responses here, I'll write about it in another post. Have a good day. If you're near Wisconsin, KEEP WARM!!! ;)
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    I had one many moons ago that I didn't remember until years and years later, after my divorce, after I moved to CT.

    The psychic told me that my first husband would die in his mid-40's or thereabouts. I wasn't even married yet. I was around 20 years old then. I was freaked and told her that was an awful thing to tell me. She said, "He is your FIRST husband. Your husband of true love will come after him. Not to worry" Then she told me some other stuff that she couldn't have known but wasn't all that astounding.

    So, since exh had his 40th birthday, I've been counting down - HUH!!! Haha.

    I also had another reading done about 3-4 years ago and the woman was kooky, but dead on about SOOOO much. She pegged my relationship with difficult child and told me that I had to back off and let difficult child make her own way (mistakes and all). She told me that my life was about to enter a very confusing and sort of 'lost' phaze as I move from being mother and wife and try to discover who I am, who I want to be, and learn new things about myself. It was very interesting and right on. What I liked about her reading is that she didn't just incorporate one way of seeing things. She had a spirituality about her that was interesting and she used a lot of catholic symbolism, which is what I was raised but have moved away from. And she also brought that up. She said "no way is the only way - it's best to incorporated all things that are meaningful to you and leave the rest behind", which is basically what I've always done.

    Anyway, go with an open mind. Even for those who don't believe in psychic readings, it can be fun~
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    I do believe. I had one man who, based on a letter (long story) tell me had vibes from me and asked me a few spooky questions. He asked me if I was Asian and if my name was Julie. Now I'm not and my name isn't, but my daughter IS. Then he threw out some dates which were all important, from my anniversary to my kid's birthdays and my own. There was more and me and my sister went over it and were freaking out. I didn't even know who this man was--and never found out (again, long story but it wasn't anyone who could have known me). Finally he wrote numbers and asked if they made sense to me. They didn't. My sister couldn't identify them either. I showed the letter to a cop friend to see if he could make anything out of it. He told me it was my phone number BACKWARDS. Talk about freaked out.
    I was supposed to contact this man again if I wanted to know about my future and hear from those who have passed. I had to send him a few things. He did not want a fee. I was so anxious, I sent him SOME of what he asked for, but not everything. A month or so later I got an angry letter from him asking me why I hadn't done exactly as he'd asked. I wrote back, apologizing all over the place as I've never experienced anything like that before and I did want a reading from him, but he never wrote back.
    I do not think he was a fraud. I know for a fact that I'd never met him. I still haven't.
    To this day, on the years when me and my sister talk to one always comes up. ALWAYS.
    I totally believe that we pass when we leave this world and enter a better one and are joined with our loved and not-so-loved ones until we choose to return. I've had a few strange ESP experiences myself.
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    I've always wanted to have one done, but never wanted to waste my money on cons or kooks.

    I've always been curious about what they'd say. lol

    If I could ever find one I could trust enough, yeah, I'd have one done. Even if it was just for fun.

    I'm such a skeptic though, I'd probably spot a con in a heartbeat and find myself disappointed.

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    While I don't believe in psychics, I do believe that people can have prophetic wisdom. Several years ago husband and I were visiting a search. They had a phophet. He singled me out. He told me that I was currently involved in a court case. That lies were being told. But that the truth would come to light. I had no idea what he was talking about. 5 months later I recieved a letter in the mail from a lawyer asking for my adoption records. I had never been adopted. I found out the my father's widow had told probabte court that my sister and I were not my father's children that we had been given up to my grandparents. The probate judge who knew my family knew this was false, but could not say anything to us. He made her lawyer produce papers. They had searched for months. This was all going on without my knowledge 5 months previous---right around the time of the prophetic word.