PSYCHO is pressing charges against Q

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Just got a call from the resource officer for the middle school/city. She knows Q and she told me that Mr. Psycho is pressing charges against Q. She said she was not there that day and so I filled her in and let her know that we have pictures of Q's injuries and that since he has none what is his purpose in this??? She said that when the prosecutor calls her she is going to be honest and she told me not to even worry about it. She said she is not going to even talk to Q about it since he can't even have a conversation about it. She said she had to tell me but after I told her the things about his not being cpi certified and having shoved him in the past etc.... she said really, dont even bother getting a lawyer because she is going to tell the district attorney what she honestly believes and she said even kids who break noses get the charges dropped.

    I want to believe her, but I am just beside myself. wow, a whole day of thinking things are better.

    WHo does this to a child like this? What purpose putting a mentally retarded, autistic, brain injured kid in the court system, when he is already out of the school, in a level IV program, etc. This guy is an :censored2:. I hope he rots in H3LL.
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    Just read your post & something seems fishy. My guess us he hired some shyster to milk a disability or workers comp claim from the school and this is a step in that process. I would put it out of your head until you actually hear something from the DA or PD. I would be very surprised if it got any traction if he files a complaint this late in the game. You don't need this - it just keeps raining on you. {{{ hugs sweet buddy}}}
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    Keep your advocate in the loop on this... it may play to your favor, as it really makes the old school and all layers of admin look terrible for even having this fellow around, much less for supporting him...
  4. keista

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    Unbelievable! But really, try not to worry to much. I would think that any reasonable judge, after seeing Q's medical dxes, will agree with the rest of us.

    Until then a POX on Psycho's house!
  5. recoveringenabler

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    I'm so sorry Buddy. I hope this amounts to nothing as the others have said. Try not to worry, I know it's tough. Gee Whiz, I wish you could catch a break here. You are always in my prayers...........
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    I have so much to do right now, I am trying super hard to breathe.

    Law advocate is super angry and calling the school now. She is going after his license, not teaching license, his psychology license.
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    Trust your advocate - and your gut.
    Good thing Q is into the new school and starting on the right foot... the staff there will also have a different opinion about Q than this psycho has...
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    I am betting it has to do with some sort of workmens comp or suit he has filed against the school. He has probably been told he has to file against the child too. I seriously doubt that is true though. At least not for workmen's comp..maybe for suing the school. I dont think he has a case in any way though. He is at fault. Maybe you should counter-sue!
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    in my humble opinion, the moral here is that any time anyone leaves marks on our kids, abuse complaint needs to be filed with DCFS. Just MHO, with a healthy dose of been there done that and 20/20 hindsight. There is absolutely no excuse. Didn't MD also see marks? Why on earth didn't he/she report, as mandated? *Really* burns my toast that SD staff seem to get a pass on hurting our kids.

    Glad advocate is advocating. She should (again in my humble opinion) also be going after SD for allowing non-trained personnel to perform restraints.

    I would guess psycho is suffering repercussions of his actions, professionally (hopefully), and is just plain old ticked off. In a perfect world, he shouldn't have a shot in Hades of pursuing this, since he was engaging in an illegal restraint from the get-go.

    I wouldn't tell Q a thing about this.

    Hugs, Buddy. What a world.
  10. susiestar

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    PLEASE let law advocate help file a countersuit. Go after psycho AND the school!!! this is totally inexcusable, and psycho should lose his psychiatric license, his teaching license, and every single thing he owns. This is a total abuse of you and Q and the system and he should have slunk away back under his rock, thankful that you were not suing him. Instead, he thinks he can press charges and get Q itno juvie because he probably thinks Q should not be out in society. He has shown his prejudices against Q and he clearly incited Q often based on the him being the one who got physical with Q and it seemed other staff did NOT get physical with Q except under psycho's instruction/direct influence.

    I honestly have thought he was trying to get Q to do something he could press charges for from the second time you mentioned the way he handleed Q. he should NEVER be around children or anyone vulnerable because he CLEARLY just wants to prove he is more powerful and can push them around.

    Don't worry about this - I don't think he has a chance in Hades of succeeding. BUT you need to encourage the advocate to charge him because he WILL do this to other kids and he probably has in the past.

    I wonder if he is trying to get $$ for workman's comp or from the school for an 'accident' or 'injury' that he says Q gave him. this is exactly why you took Q to the doctor and got pictures at the time.

    Why didn't the dr report this to CPS?? it should have been reported and the dr could be in trouble, as could the school nurse who fabricated her report to support the psycho. the nurse who said the marks were from his glasses is the one I was talking about.

    either way, don't let this rattle you and don't tell Q. He has enough going on!
  11. TeDo

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    I wholeheartedly agree with Susie 1000%. My guess is he has suffered some sort of repercussion because of his actions and he is fighting mad. PLEASE let C go after him. HE was wrong. HE did damage. He ABUSED your son. That's one thing I would NEVER tolerate (you know this is true) and that's someone abusing MY child. Let her go after him in any and every way she can. You can't let him get away with this. HE can't be allowed to get away with what he did and then to have the gall to file charges. That is just A**ININE!! He wants to continue making your life h***, show him who REALLY has the power to do that!!
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    Follow your advocate, let her handle it. Surpervise and stay in touch, but try to not get too involved if you can. You need to move on with your life and focus on something positive. The hardest thing to lose is power (not money): psychiatric lost all power and he is desperately trying to regain it. That would be my bet on the situation.
    You have a pretty thick file, *try* not to worry too much.
  13. DDD

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    As you know I'm not 100% on target lately but I do feel 100% confident that Psycho is not worth worrying about. You have experts. You have proof. Even if you had none of that, my friend, you have all the proof that is needed to prevail at at Manifestation Hearing based on law.

    Keep your focus and don't let Psycho add to your stress. This may be the most wonderful week your son has ever had....stay in the frame of mind to rejoice. Hugs. DDD
  14. klmno

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    Wow. I wonder if he did it just to counter any attempt he thought you'd you make to file a suit against him.
  15. Wiped Out

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    Geesh, you certainly do not need this right now. He doesn't stand a chance and would probably lose in a counter suit.

    Sending gentle hugs your way tonight.
  16. buddy

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    Here is an interesting update:
    C, the law advocate called the sp ed director. She asked if she wanted the good news (she was calling about another family too) or the bad news first. She asked to get it over with....

    So, she asked if she knew about what Psycho was doing? Director said she probably doesn't want to know. (For those who are new: The school psychiatric has been inappropriate for a long time, grabbing, shoving and in the end we found out he restrained Q last year and didn't report it to me and then did it on the day I removed him following an incident. Turns out he was not one of the staff certified to do restraints and Q ended up with a face down hold, arms twisted behind his back and got a rug burn down the side of his face. This kind of hold is not allowed and the entire staff lied about it, how it happened and they told me he just had a little line from his glasses bow pressing into the side of his head. Our doctor took pics and measured it and YES, she DID end up calling CPS. I had already written a letter of concern to the district about the incidents I had witnessed and the law center had written a letter of concern about many issues in the school including him.)

    SO, the director had told us that there was going to be action taken long ago.... I didn't really know if she was just saying that or not, but when she saw the pics she clearly had been shocked. She confessed to C that she had been lead to believe there was no real injury. (why then did they have to give him motrin for the sore wrist, shoulder and headache???)

    OH one more thing...(edit)... C said to the director... I think from reading that restraint incident report that the two that did it (psychiatric and a sub both not certified to do restraints ) were doing that and then when mr sp ed came in he saw that they were not in compliance and THAT is why it says they turned him over "to prevent a prone restraint" which if he had to be turned over was clearly already dumb. She said, she feels he was trying to get Q out of it and not wanting to come out and throw his fellow teachers under the bus. THe Special Education director just flat out said, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.

    Anyway, C told the director that psycho filed charges. She said WHEN? C told her the liason officer had called to inform me today and was including my info in the report. THe director did NOT hide her anger. She said she was really upset. She has no right to tell him he can't do it but she was ticked. She is the one who had told C long ago to have me write my concerns and C said in many years of working with her and giving her complaints she had never said that before so she thought something else was up.

    Seems that he did get reprimanded. She can't say details but she flat out told C that this is blatant retaliation. She said NOW I can do something. In all this time she has not once tipped her hand and has always played it pretty neutral, with statements like rest assured we are looking into it etc.

    Our home psychiatric and C both think he ended up realizing HE may need a lawyer and so that person probably gave him the advice that he needed to cover his butt and say he had very good reason to do what he did. Now, there was NO injury. She would have said, well you know he has been off work for weeks with a back injury or some such thing to defend if she really thought Q hurt him and she would cover the district. SHe wants no part of my getting angry because ultimately THEY should have said at the meetings where the plan (which by the way said Q can be aggressive and that is why we wrote the plan, NEVER a question that it is disability related) was written, by the way staff, the ONLY people allowed to handle any crisis are.... X, Y, etc... those who were certified. The admin at that school actually specifically picked this guy to repeatedly go deal with Q despite the fact that I had requested several times that he NEVER be alone with him and I had told the teacher, the asst. principal and mr sp ed admin (as well as two teachers) that I was totally uncomfortable with his being with Q.

    I actually DO feel better. I am sure the lawyer could try to shut up the sp ed director but I suspect this guy is toast. I hope he really is NOT psycho and does not come after us and do something, I am not kidding when I say he is really off.

    OK, to focus on the good.... Q's second day was not as smooth as the first, but it does seem he may have had a seizure. After he slept it off he did fine and he came to me and hugged me and we went to eat. He has not said ONE SINGLE ugly thing to me...not just hasn't touched me, he has not been verbally rude in any form all night! We have had a marvelous time. He went to his social skills group and he was too talkative for the other kids but he did fine....(medications wear off at that time so I will give them early).

    He did ask me on the way home.... MOM, Was I just as scared as this in sixth grade when I started middle school??? I guess he is telling me he is feeling scared, duh. Nice he could talk about it.
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    Gosh, a silver lining after all that! Because in the end, all you want is a great, loving kid :)

    I agree with-this: This guy is an :censored2:. Ihope he rots in H3LL.

    And what everyoneelse said. And your followup. Sheesh. Definitely, get this guy's license. He needs to be sweeping floors in a basement somewhere.
  18. susiestar

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    I KNEW that there were people at the school that really cared and wanted the best for Q!! I think that psycho maybe had them ALL worried about what HE would report of their actions if they blocked him. A psycho person on a power trip can do this to an entire school. I am betting that the director has been hoping for psycho to pull a stunt like this so that she can take action against him.

    C is awesome, and I am pleased taht you have her on your side. Please thank her for me!

    Q is really growing and maturing, isn't he? Just being able to verbalize his fear is HUGE!! smooth was not to be expected for the whole week, but it stll sounds like an awesome night and a great day at school. Days will be great if the school just continues to handle Q the way they have been. I have faith that they will, because you picked a great placement.
  19. Bunny

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    UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE!! I can't think of anything to say other than that!

    I'm glad that the advocate is being so on top of this, and that you are feeling better about it. I hope this idiot gets what he deserves!