Psycho security at school


So, we are new to Virginia this year, new schools, neighborhood, etc. But I swear, getting into difficult child's school is like getting permission to enter a congressional hearing. The first few days of school difficult child wanted me to walk him to his class room (I am relishing in this because I know soon enough he won't want to be seen with me). They have a security checkpoint at the front of the school where you have to show your ID, they make a copy of it, you and the student have to sign a book, and they have to make you a pass to wear into the school. I have had to get to the school 30 minutes early just to stand in line to get in!
Then this am, I needed to talk to his teacher for just a minute about a project she assigned (you will get a kick out of this: its a project to observe the moon every night and keep a journal. sounds like fun. one problem, the moon isn't rising until 1:30 AM!) obviously she doesn't realize that the moon won't be present at a reasonable hour until close to the beginning of Fall. Hello, you teach science lady?! Anywho, I mentioned to the security checkpoint lady that I needed to speak with his teacher. She said, hold on I will have to call her. HUH? Its like 20 min before school starts. So, she gets on the phone and has her back to me and is whispering, but I can still hear her. Her: Mrs. X is here and wants to speak to you. No, I don't know what she wants. I don't think she wants a conference. Ok, well I will tell her and send her down. AGGGGGG....I wasn't born yesterday, I know you have to schedule a conference, shesh. So I talk to the teacher, she says, ohhhhhh about the science project (like she doesn't believe me). difficult child tells me when I picked him up that she got on the internet and looked it up herself and we were RIGHT, so she gave him extra credit for "researching". good grief.
Back to my gripe....when I pick him up every day, it is not like the schools we are used to where you drive up and pickup your kid in front of the school. You have to park next door to the school, walk into the school, check in at the security check point, go to the cafeteria and sign off on a pick up sheet, show your ID and then they ask your kid if they know you and then they release them. I thought briefly about asking difficult child if he wanted to just ride the bus home, but yesterday a little girl here was on the wrong bus and the driver was dumb enough to ask the girl (who was 6) directions to her house. She got off the bus thinking she recognized her neighborhood, but it wasn't right, so she wondered around all afternoon before her frantic mother found her. The school says they have no responsibility in this, that the kids should know their bus number and their bus stop.
Mom says uhhh NO and she has filed a civil suit. Good luck with that one.
Just had to get my ranting out for the day.


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I know the schools have been really cracking down on visitors coming in, but it appears your school is a little obsessive! My difficult child's elementary school used to require us to park, come in and sign them out. i did that from k through 2nd. IBut when the new principal came on board, he established the "carpool line" in front of the school and personally stood there and made sure each child got into the right car as they came around the circle. Now that he's in middle school, they just come running out the door in the afternoon! I'v yet to see school personnel out there in the afternoon. Extremes...........

I hope they find a happy medium.



So, you have to jump through hoops and bend over backwards to drop your kid off at school, but they can let them off the bus anywhere?!! Unreal. Those buses have radios...they could have contacted the school and/or bus garage to find out where that little girl was supposed to be.


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Thats some crazy whacked out security. Our new school this year doesn't allow us to walk down the hallways towards classes. My old school would let me visit classes if I wanted. Of course I was a steady volunteer so everyone knew me, but my background check is cleared at the new school and I can't leave the front office unless its to visit the cafeteria. What I found funny is that I had to pick up my 2 youngest difficult children the first week of school for an appointment and they didn't bother to check my ID. They don't know me from Adam, but I can leave with 2 kids no questions asked.