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    I am currently taking a psychology class, and disagree with much of it and sometimes get kinda upset. We are studying Freud (stupid) and many things like him. Today we went into parenting styles and how parenting styles cause misbehavior. After I finally accepted that I am not totally responsible for my son's behavior, I now have some idiot who tells me I am???? :nonono: I am not sure if I can finish this class, and if I do it will take more effort than I have put into anything ever. Someone asked him if children's behavior always stems from parentin, and his answer was for the sake of this theory. What does that mean, and am I being over sensitive?? This is sooo hard. :crazy2:
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    Hi! Took that class. Don't take it personally. Remember that psychology classes are part history. Freud (agreed - stupid! What do you expect from someone who worshiped his - well, you know - "phallus"?), Jung etc. You should be eventually moving on to the more current guys. It'll be a lot of fun studying the 80's when psychiatric was so popular! How can you forget Primal Scream Therapy (the girl next door in our dorm was convinced it was the purest form of relaxation - a real joy at 2:00am during finals week!).

    Let the prof. know that this is a concern. If his feeling is that the answer to the question is correct in this vein of study, he's just looking for you guys to match the Shrink to his Theory.

    Don't take it to personally. But I hope you get an "A"!

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    I agree, do not take it personally. Just learn the material and get that A!
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    Freud was brilliant, but you know he covered up many, many cases of abused women and children, whose bodies he saw on morgue slabs. He was all set to write them up, but the evidence disagreed with-the current fads and threatened his status in the Old Boy Network so he covered it all up.

    You're stuck memorizing %^$& for now.

    Just hang in there.
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    Just consider it a history class in psychology. It sounds like the teacher isn't saying this is way it is, but rather the way it was and, for this area at least, take it as their theories.
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    Thanks guys, I will try to practice detachment!! :teacher: And only listent to the facts. It just seems stupid to learn such cra*. I was wondering if I was being too sensitive, and I think I was, am.
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    been there done that

    At least my psychiatric prof. told the class to realize these guys were the product of their times ect. That while they may have contributed alot, didn't mean they knew all the answers by far.

    And he believed Fraud, excuse me Freud had some major sexual issues of his own going on. :rofl:

    Spout the material and the book, and you ought to get an A.

    I got lucky and had a fun prof. We even got to be hypnotized as a class! It was fun watching half the class do silly things and not recall it later. :hypnosis: :rofl:
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    "For the sake of this theory" just means in that particular case, in that this theory (Freud, right?) will look only at the parenting.

    I think it will be helpful to you to think that this class is about the theory of psychology and how it has developed over time. Your teacher is probably a bit caught up in it, but no one practices Freudian or Jung anymore. It's more like a class in the history of psychology than of psychology in current practice.
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    Remember ... these are THEORIES. Take what you can and leave the rest.

    Most of the theories are antiquated ... although there are tiny glimmers of truth to them all. Again, use what you can and pitch the rest.

    I had a class several semesters ago ... it was a Juvenile Delinquency class. The prof was talking about methods of dealing with out of control kids and he made the comment (this is a direct quote burned into my memory forever) "Parents who send their kids to residential treatment facilities should not be surprised some day when those same kids put them in a nursing home". My daughter was in a residential treatment facility at the time. I was so shocked I couldn't breathe. I cried the entire way home ...

    Later when I had my wits about me I privately challenged his comment. I told him our story and that I was offended by his statement and apparent lack of information. He was slightly taken aback by my ... um .... passion ... but he got the point.

    Most broad generalized statements are a matter of lack of personal experience and ignorance.

    Welcome to college.