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    I have observed several sigs with "complex" PTSD - My son Blue has been diagnosed with PTSD and what appears to be an emerging Mood Disorder or Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).
    Where do these all overlap if at all? Would the complex PTSD really just be PTSD that is severe enough to cause psychosis or symptoms of a mood disorder?

    I also am wondering about Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) - Blue does have indiscriminate affection towards anyone and is only violent towards me. BUT he is mildly mentally retarded due to the Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) so he does not lie and manipulate (really problem due to his inability to do so - not his intent, lol) So can that really be Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

    I am just feeling overwhelmed with the diagnoses and wonder really could the Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) and Complex PTSD just look like mood disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Our family counselor has a very laid back and wait and see approach, but focuses on the PTSD - his NeuroMD really just focuses on the Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE).

    It feels like it will never end - like one symptom emerges when another stops. There are layers and layers of brain damage and mental illness and what really causes what....and he is only 8. We adopted him from Foster Care at age 5. Felt like we were informed at the time, but really now we realize how they just scratched the surface in his medical/social history.

    The new addition of Clonidine seems to be helping... I am hot and tired and today all I can see ahead is more struggle....
    Sorry for Rambling/Whining
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    Both my kids suffer from PTSD and handle it very differently. Given the situation, and that J has been diagnosis'd with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), I'd bet O has Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) as well. Add in bipolar. I think the combination can be a really explosive one.

    J hides inside himself to lick his wounds. O lashes out.
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    difficult child 1 has PTSD and other things wrong with him. The docs don't really know all that is wrong or the boundaries between the diff. diagnosis's. They don't all agree on his diagnosis's. I've taken the stance of just treating the symptoms is ok because no matter what is actually wrong there is no cure. So we treat anger, lying, manipulation, personal hygiene, school work issues as they come. And, yes as soon as one gets helped something else comes up. This isn't a sprint its a marathon. You get a new normal and learn to enjoy small moments that other parents take for granted. (difficult child 1's accepting a consequence with out a fit!) difficult child 2 saying "I love you mom". Take care of yourself and keep venting to get the hurt out. Blue's life and yours won't be easy or the same as others but it can still be good.

    Thanks, for posting because I really need to take my own advice and putting it down for someone else has been helpful. Everyone goes through times they need to be reminded that life with our kids can still be good.