Pulled E out of preschool.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jamieh, Apr 14, 2013.

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    And I am so stinkin excited. I seriously bought out the dollar tree and bought lots of craft stuff and activity books. I am looking forward to just hanging out with- him and not worrying about his social problems for right now. We also have some plans to camp a lot this spring/summer and I am excited about going on hikes with my boys. He is really excited that he gets to spend his days at home and at his granny's house. She is going to take him 2 days a week and do some school type work with him so I can get some of my office work and school work done while his brother is in school. But yay! We also were able to save $1000 from taking him out.
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    Awww, feels so good when you trust your gut and a plan comes together. Enjoy your time together!
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    Glad you have found a workable solution. It will be a LOT less stress on E and also on you. Give yourself some time to get all your ducks in a row before Kindergarten. Way to Go!!
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    Good for you and E! Relax and enjoy your time with him. Build his selfesteem and show him all the things he can do. When things are hard (and there is always those times), explain that the importance is not the result but the fact that he tries his best and work hard on his goals. With a spirit like that, he will overcome anything and win his teachers over (very important when he starts school!).
    It took several months but it worked for V.