Pulling my hair out



So I was back in the hospital for 5 days with chest pain. Had a stress test, another heart cath, medication changes resulting in low blood pressure and low pulse, more medication changes, as much sedation for the heart cath as they normally give 3 people (nurses words...think I was just a little stressed? :wink: ), etc, etc, etc. (I did refuse to see my previous cardiologists, requested new and am very happy with my new doctors - so some very good things did come of this.) Suffice it to say, I tire very easily and just feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Yesterday was my first day home. easy child got home from 5 weeks in Georgia with his dad and was anxious to spend time with his friends. He was SO bored at his dad's. I chatted with him online almost every night he was gone for hours at a time. So, he had 2 friends over last night. I took difficult child to lunch today and picked up a couple items at the store and I was worn out - exhausted and achy all over. easy child has another friend over tonight.

difficult child and easy child are just bickering back and forth. I think easy child enjoys it. He knows he can annoy her easily and he really seems happy when it's going on. difficult child, on the other hand, does not deal with frustration at all. So, I'm collapsed in the chair and difficult child was standing next to me doing the I'm-annoyed-whine, "Mooooommmmmm", for the umpteenth time tonight. I covered my ears and squeezed my eyes shut. It didn't work. She kept talking. Then they all talked at once - difficult child, easy child and friend - trying to explain things (the going-on's of the router and wireless connections, the cause of all this - I really couldn't care less right now). Too many voices in my house. easy child's friend (good kid) thinks it's funny - I was doing the mumbling to myself thing my difficult child makes me do - and was trying very hard not to laugh out loud, but failed miserably. I told him it was a really good thing I liked him, or he'd be walking home. :wink: easy child was trying not to smile and only succeeded half the time. And difficult child is in a snit. I told them I'm not playing referee anymore. They're both too old for that. They can either work it out or not, but they are to be cordial and not come to me over petty and piddly stuff. difficult child whined that she doesn't know what "cordial" means. She tested gifted in vocabulary 2 years in a row. I told her to go to dictionary.com and look it up. She started to cry.

I know this is nothing really in the scheme of things. It's not even really difficult child stuff other than how difficult child doesn't deal with frustration and argues with everyone over everything. It's more just plain old sibling stuff. But, I'm tired. I just want a night off. Instead, I spent 10 minutes of quality time in the garage with my car and one of the cats who followed me. Of course, the cat then wanted my attention and wouldn't shut-up until I gave it to him. :hammer:

In my next life, I'm not having kids OR pets.


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Amen Sister !!! I regularly ask my husband, "Was it you idea to have kids?". I really do love them, but sometimes.....AHHHHH!

Sorry to hear you were back in the hospital. I hope you feel better & regain your strength soon.

Hugs !


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Sorry to hear about your health issues, but glad you like the new doctor.

As for the bickering, they are old enough to realize they should take it somewhere else - especially since you are ill. I like that you found someplace to be alone (with the cat-LOL!) but, you should be able to do that in the house, too.


And sometimes we think...because our kids are adoptied...we actually PAID THOUSANDS of dollars for this experience!!! LOL, life works in mysterious ways. :smile:


You know how on tv when the mom is sick the kids all are really nice and bring things to her, etc.? Mine always were worse when I didn't feel well. They would fight, whine, etc. I would tell them I was sick, they could see it, yet they would act worse than usual, just didn't seem to care. Why can't they be like tv kids?!


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sorry for the continuing health issues. You know, easy child is quite old enough to understand that you are not feeling well and deserve a little peace.

I would not be happy that he is adding to the chaos by egging difficult child on while you sit trying to recover and regain strength. Time to have a little chat with your oldest and see if he can step up to the plate a little!

Hope today is a little more peaceful.



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Big hugs are being sent your way.........being sick is my worst nightmare as a single parent.........I would rather have needles poked in my eye than be laid up sick with my difficult child.
My thoughts are with you girl - Hang in there!


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Maybe your son should visit his friends at their house? If not, maybe it is time to remind him that you have been ill and don't have your full strength. If he wants to have friends over then he has to quit antagonizing his sister and help you get some peace and rest. Otherwise, no friends over and you'll spend evenings in the bathtub relaxing with candles, a good book, earplugs. (Don't know of many kids who want to see their mom nude once they hit age 10 and up.)

I am very sorry that your health is an issue again. You are in my prayers.

Further sorry that your delightful offspring have decided to make your homecoming so irritating.

I agree, in my next life, no kids.

I also think that in my past life, I must have done something just awful to deserve this...


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Oh Heather I do hope your health stabilizes, SOON! What a drag. You feel better one minute and then get knocked on your behind again.

Of course we are not allowed to feel bad, get sick with g'sfg... it is definately not like in the movies!!!
Hang in there I am sorry you are having such a rough time!!!


Thank you for the support, ladies. I just felt lousy last night and couldn't take the constant noise and bickering. You know how it is when you're just mentally and physically exhausted and you all you want peace and quiet.

easy child and difficult child, other than the incident last night, have actually been very helpful. difficult child has been much less dramatic and less demanding, more understanding that I can't do it all right now - something she usually has no sympathy for. easy child has taken over caring for the house. He's been amazing. While I was in the hospital, he picked up, vacuumed, scrubbed carpets (dog was sick and had a couple accidents - she's better now...she made herself sick because easy child was gone, poor thing), washed my sheets and made up my bed for me, brought in groceries and put them all away PLUS cleaned out the fridge (he even used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in it!), mowed the grass and pulled weeds...you get the idea. I don't know what I would have done without him. Been in a messy house, I guess, because I sure haven't been up to it.

So, really I can't complain. My frustration threshold last night was just really, really low.