Punishment or not for climbing on stand and breaking his tv?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, May 23, 2012.

  1. Confused

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    I heard the crash and ran in the room, he was on the floor with his leg in the bottom of the nightstand ( very big nightstand) drawer, nightstand tipped over almost falling on him, with him holding the tv up with his arm. I got everything off him and looked him over kept asking him if he was ok. He said" Im fine". I asked what happened he said he was trying to clean the tv.. well, he was climbing on the nightstand.( it came out) When I was able to breathe again out of worry he got hurt, I started to look around the room and at the tv. The tv is a complete loss, no sound, no picture, front looks like a bullet hole went through it. I know, I should of never had a tv in his room in the first place with his issues, as I mentioned it here before, I was advised not to have one in his room. My fault, yes. I was actually getting ready to take the tv out, just had no where to put it in my home except the dining room table. We found he climbed on his desk and desk hutch as well because the hutch is now leaning forward,and we can see the damage in the back. That's coming out as well. So I took away all electronics and outside time for now since Monday, but he does have to practice for tball, so I have to let go of the outdoor time. But the electronics, do I keep him grounded? If so, how long? He just is all over the place, doesn't listen still, and he never said sorry, just "when can he have his tv again"? !!! I told him when he is 12 he will get another tv in his room. ( and yes, I do try to keep him busy playing, running, yard etc) See, I have a lot to learn still as well!!!!
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    Yeah. I'd keep the grounding on electronics. But his outside time... Might help wear him out!!!
  3. TeDo

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    Natural consequences for breaking the TV in the first place is to not have one. Criteria for getting a new one, I would set a LONG time-frame for him to not climb on furniture to "earn" one back. Are you any closer to a thorough evaluation to find out what's going on? Absolutely keep the grounding from electronics for a week and then he can "earn" time by not being allowed to use them unless YOU are present for another week or two. He has to earn your trust back. Then it is all up to him.
  4. Confused

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    StepTo2, Thank you! Ok, I will keep that up. And I agree with you on him being outside! Im looking into buying a small jungle gym of some sorts for him for our yard.
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    Ditto TeDo and Step. You can't ground a kid from everything. That just makes a bigger pest for mom.

    My response to his request for a replacement TV would have been "When you buy it yourself"
  6. Confused

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    TeDo, Your right about him losing the tv being a natural consequences. He does have to prove himself. No, no closer to an evaluation. I mean, even at my daughters DR appointment the office just watched him acting like a monkey and I made a comment. The other boys and girls his age weren't acting like that, I told him go stand in the corner until he calmed down- then they called us back. They smiled and said he was all boy. *sigh* Thank you
  7. Confused

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    keista, your right, he still needs to do his running. Aww, I didn't think of that response, good one :)
  8. TeDo

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    Are you waiting for a referral? Are you trying to find a qualified professional? In other words, where are you in the process?
  9. DammitJanet

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    LOL on all boy. I got that so many times and yes mine are all boys.

    Dont beat yourself up on having the tv in his room. Lots of parents have tv's in kids rooms. I have a tv in my granddaughters room here and she has one in her room at her mom's house. In fact, I think all my grandkids have tv's in their rooms. Well the baby doesnt yet. Im sure she will eventually. Ive never had an issue.
  10. I make my difficult child pay for the things he breaks. I pay for hospital bills, though.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    I'm not big on "punishment", especially when there are "natural consequences" and/or "logical consequences"...
    In this case, he'd probably get both of the last two in our house... break TV = you don't have one, because it is broken (natural consequence). Climb all over stuff in your room = strip room down so there isn't any stuff to climb on (logical consequence).
  12. TerryJ2

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    I agree, natural consequences = TV is gone forever. (At least, until he can afford to chip in with-his allowance and get one from a thrift shop in a few yrs.)

    I also agree that you should strip down his room to make sure there aren't a lot of other valuable breakables in there.

    Good luck! He's a live wire. :)