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    Nichole's pup Callie has now been dropped off too.:faint: She's sweet, uber loving, pretty smart, untrained.....and they got lazy on the house training part. She is a shepard mix, mixed with what I haven't a clue. But she isn't going to be huge, she seems to be done growing....and isn't huge. lol

    Betsy still would like to take her head off. She likes her from a distance.......but Callie is submissive and as soon as she does that Betsy is all over her. So we're keeping them separated. Not easy by a long shot. Currently Callie is set up on Rowdy's run in the back yard with the spare dog house. (and my kids wonder why I keep all this stuff around ugh) She is crying pathetically. I guess I should be grateful she isn't barking, huh? I don't know how it will go after dark. Guess if she's loud I'll have to bring her in although I don't have a clue where I'm going to put her since ex boyfriend didn't bring her crate.

    Callie, like I said is smart as a whip. She'd catch on to house training fast if someone took the time. I don't have the time with school, and I know husband won't bother. (which is why she's outside) She's not a barker.....actually I don't think I've ever heard her bark since we brought her from the pound. But she does have tons of energy. She adores cats. (been raised with Cassie) She's fabulous with small kids.

    Maybe I'm a big push over, but so far no rescues have room (ex boyfriend's Mom is still waiting to hear from a few) and no kills are also full. But she is just too good a dog to take back to the pound where she'll be put to sleep. And aw heck, I didn't help Nichole save her 6 months ago to have her euthanized now.

    But I need 4 dogs like I need a big fat hole in my head. :ashamed: I've got to find her a home asap. I can barely feed the 3 that are mine. So? Anyone in my area know someone who is looking for a good family dog that just needs some love and training to be fabulous???? Pleaaase!!!

    Ex boyfriend just took some pics of her. I've got to get him to email them to me.
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    Wait a minute Elvis -

    WHO ARE YOU? You sound incredibly like a flower I used to know. :tongue:
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    Yes, I am that flower in disguise. Thanks to a snooping daughter. :tongue:
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    Have you tried a German Shepherd rescue? They take mixes and work on behaviors, like no potty training. I'd be afraid to just give her to anyone. The person has to be willing to work with her a lot. That's why I like rescues.
    You can also use petfingers or Craigslist, just let the prospective owner know all about the dog and offer to take it back if it doesn't work out. I'd hate to see this baby in a pound. Try a rescue first, then here are a few places. I'd do Craigslist LAST.
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    We are in the market for a puppy. How old is the dog?
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    I'm not sure Loth. We rescued her from being put to sleep in the pound. (she was due for euthanasia the next day) I'm thinking around 7-9 months leaning more toward the 9 months as she's had her first heat. Nichole attempted to get her spayed but vet refused to do it because she was still at the very end of her heat and he said it increases their bleeding risk. Then the breakup happened........And I certainly don't have the spare cash at the moment to get her fixed.

    I'm still working on getting those darn pics. I'd try to take some myself, but she's so happy to see people when we go outside that I'm not sure I can get her to hold still long enough. She hasn't barked once in the 3 days she's been in the yard. Lots of break your heart crying when people come near because she's hoping to come back inside, but no barking. I feel so bad for not bringing her in.....if it weren't for Betsy really not liking her I'd probably try it even if it meant a few accidents. But I don't need dogs fighting. Nor do I want to ruin Callie's friendliness with other animals.

    She's so darn sweet and loving. Trained she'd be utterly awesome. Not huge, but not small either.....sort of in the middle and has that gangly adolescent look about her. I'm going to ask ex boyfriend again if he can get those pics for me. They're on his Mom's camera's memory stick. She's sort of hard to describe. lol