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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Jody

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    I have a nine week old cocker spaniel puppy who cries and seems to have a hard time with her stools. Does anyone know what I should do besides going to the vet on an energency call. She acts happy at any other time and is very active, eating drinking, urinating, playing, I don't feel any type of stomach issues when i check her out. Could it just be constipation and any suggestions?
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    Did the breeder worm the pups? When was the last time? Are her stools really hard (ball shape)? Any chance she could've eaten something she shouldn't have, like something lying around?

    As long as she is eating drinking and playing ok, I wouldn't over stress about it. Could be a worm issue and that is easily taken care of via medications. Revolution is a flea medication that also does worms including heartworm and she should still be small enough to use it. I like using that one with small puppies since the vet had to use it with Betsy when she had the reaction to Frontline Plus as a pup.
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    I have been checking her stool when i pick it up outside and it is very small but not hard and not diahrea. We watch her pretty good and she doesn't walk around unsupervised. I don't see any evidence of worms. She goes to the Dr. on Thursday. I sure hope she doesn't have any obstruction from getting anything to eat. ugh.
  4. Hound dog

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    It can take a while before you see worms of any sort, if that is the problem, or she might start retching. I had one pup that i never saw a single one in her stool. Breeder had wormed them, good breeder too who really cared about his dogs. But she started retching them up right before time to worm her again, mom nearly tossed her cookies too right along with her and I have an awfully strong stomach, but it's disgusting. I wormed her right away, then I saw the dead ones in the stool and she was much much better........and the "puppy tummy" was gone. She might also scoot her fanny on the floor because they tend to be itchy when near the anus. (a way of spreading the eggs) We lived in apartments at the time and I faithfully wormed once a month because of other dogs.....and no clue if others did the worming or not.

    With the adult dogs I don't do once a month anymore as they have no contact with other dogs and other dogs do not come into the yard due to the fence, but I do it several times a year still.

    Wormer is cheaper via our vet than at walmart, oddly enough. And I just realized I missed Maggies last appointment so I have to call them monday and set it up again. She has her last set of puppy shots and I'll set her appointment for her spaying which will be at 5 months.

    Is she whining or crying out when she goes? Any chance she got hold of one of Broady's bones and might have a sliver she's trying to pass? A pup did that on us too (I'm just so lucky lol ) she snitched a pork chop bone from Molly, must not have chewed the darn thing at all...........and screamed (yes they can scream) when she tried to poop it out. sister in law (bless his heart) had to physically help her pass it as she had it part way and it hurt so much she refused to push it the rest of the way out. Not sharp edge, just wedged. I didn't even know she'd gotten hold of it. omg
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    we get our wormer at the feed store and it is good stuff. Thanks for bringing up puppy shots, need to get mine too.
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    Try adding a little bit of vegetable oil (canola, olive, etc.) to her food. We had to do that for the dog I grew up with... some of the pet foods don't have quite enough fat to "grease the wheels". And it's good for their fur, too.
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    Im thinking its worms though...what does her tummy look like? Is it rather round and look like she has gained weight? She shouldnt have a round puppy tummy right now. It should be fairly thin. If its fairly fat you have worms. Just go bet something like Ivermectin and give her the right dose and then leave her outdoors for overnight on a leash. You dont want her inside while that works!
  8. Jody

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    She has a fat round belly. She is like a scavanger too. Looking for food all the time. Going to go get the wormer today. She is a very sweet girl, but she does not leave Broady alone. She is always wanting to eat his ears and chew his face and tail. He takes it very well, but he's not getting much peace. he play bites her to let her know to leave me alone, but she's just not getting it, maybe it's just play I don't know.
  9. Hound dog

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    Jody, the play biting is just play and let them work it out between them. She will learn, trust me. It forms a very strong bond between the two of them, and teaches her doggie manners. I'll tell you right now when Maggie and Molly are going at it......it sounds like I have a major dog fight on my hands, but they're all out playing barking snarling biting pulling.....tails wagging. A few times I really thought Molly was losing her temper and I'd try to tone it down only to have her look at me like "hey mom, we're just playing, it's ok, can we still play some more?" LOL And it took some time but Maggie has learned when Molly doesn't want to play, then she just doesn't and to leave her be.

    This is what Molly didn't get with Betsy because Betsy's Momma wouldn't allow it. Molly and Betsy were close, but nothing like Molly and Rowdy (who got to play that way). Molly and Rowdy have never ever had an argument between them. And eventually Betsy had to go to Nichole's because of jealousy issues (also cuz I'd kept her for Nichole though). IF they can really play together, they usually get really close relationship / bond wise.

    Now when Molly doesn't want to play and Maggie still has a lot of energy, she'll bring me a toy to play with her instead. Rowdy, she's learning quickly does NOT play. He has all he can do to get up on his feet and walk. But he will allow puppy kisses and a little chewing for short periods.

    Do the worming & then again in a month to make sure. Since you're in the trailer, worm the dogs every month because you've no idea of the animals roaming the area and whether they have worms or not. And worms make them hungry, worms are getting the nutrients.
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    Well that makes me feel better. Broady does seem to enjoy it and I know he really likes her. Let me take him to my room and he waites till he can go back in the other room where she is and if she's crated he's looking in there to see what she's doing. I don't ever believe he would harm her but he has given her some warnings and she just comes back for more. They do like each other because they will sleep right next to each other. So cute. I have seen Broady almost put her whole head in his mouth. I was like oh that's not gonna end well, but he never did anything to her but give her a saliva shower.