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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm in charge of organizing difficult child's school lacrosse team pictures (it's our first year). I contacted 2 photo studios for bids (one happens to be where a good friend works, although we wouldn't be her account).

    The other studio had been very proactive and followed up their email with a phone call the first week, and then they called again last week. At the time I explained we didn't know when our uniforms would be in and that I'd get back to her.

    Today I got an email from this same studio asking for the phone number of another lacrosse board member because she contacted the coach on her own and he gave her this other person's name (he's confused and that's fine--there's so much going on right now I don't expect him to remember every email).

    I'm a little annoyed that this studio tried to do what I consider an end around (one), and that they can't keep their records straight to realize that I'm the contact for our organization. I understand about being an assertive and proactive salesperson, but to me, they crossed a line of propriety. I am tempted to just go with the other vendor (my buddy's company) because of this -- who knows what other miscommunications could happen if they operate this way?

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    Yeah that would put me off too.
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    Although it would "p me o" too, I'd call the salesman and let them know how I felt. You don't want to blow them off just because they messed up. Plus, you may be able to get 10% or so knocked off because they ticked you off.

    You also want to avoid any remarks being made about "impropriety" regarding your hiring your friends company. If they're able to do the job for the same or lower price OR accomodate the team schedule or anything else, then you can rationally argue the point should someone bring it up.

    Keep in mind that there are more people on this planet that will go out of their way to criticize someone who is volunteering their time than there are that will volunteer. I swear I've never seen so many people willing to destroy someone's personal reputation while they themselves are sitting on their backsides in my life!

    Be mad - I would be - but make it productive rather than just staying angry!

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    Beth is so right. I used to be the team mom for the trophy's and end of the season party. Ohmygosh was it a headache. Collecting the money, setting the place and time, making sure everyone got there. Ugh. I always enjoyed it but dang. There was always a parent or two who simply refused to pay for their kid and we had to fork over the money so their kid could get a trophy too. Yeah this was back in the little days when all the kids got a trophy...lol.

    I still miss those days. I worked concessions. Brought snacks. Loved it all.
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    I think there's "customer service" and there is "salesmanship"...

    I LOVE working with companies that offer great customer service--they will get my business over and over...

    But the constant "sales pitch" will put me off every time. Especially because I begin to feel that they do not care about my project as much as they seem to care about their commission.

    It sounds as if you are dealing with an over-eager salesperson...I would tell this person straight out that we haven't made our decision yet and when we do, we will let her know. If she wants to offer you something for your business--great! But if she launches into yet another sales pitch...I would cut the conversation short and see what kind of deal you could get elsewhere.

    No "deal" is worth that kind of aggravation.


  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I did reply to her message in so many words suggesting that she check her records again because I was essentially the contact for our group for the past few weeks, and that we had not yet decided on a vendor, but that shed hear fro
    me soon. Then I thanked her for the continued interest.

    She replied with an apology for the mixup and claimed our coach had initiated the contact (which he did several months ago, but it was not recently). It sound more like she was back pedaling and trying to do a cya, honestly.

    I need to talk to the rep at the other company today and then I'll decide. It just bugs me when people are pushy and come across as manipulative.

    One thing I don't understand about this schoolsos why they didn't contract with the company that did the school pictures to also have them do the sports team pictures. Instead they are giving free reign/making more work for the booster clubs to find their own vendors.

    I started out as the volunteer for the team website, and now I'm a vp on the board! That's what happens when you're the only one volunteering to help.