Put my child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

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    Hi, everyone!

    I'm new to this board, and not too sure if I'm posting on the right forum.

    My ds is 14. He's currently in juvenile detention for probation violation, that's a long story.

    They want to send him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for 6 months. I feel I'm not being told enough details to make a decision. someone mentioned something about shared custody with CPS----we don't want that to happen!

    I understand if the state mandates he be sent to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), they pay for it, but we have to share custody with CPS. Look, it was CPS intervention that created this mess to begin with!

    I'm fearful of Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I've heard horror stories. I don't see how they can provide a better home than we can. We especially don't want CPS in our face. Also, we have another child, he's doing fine, no problems, straight A student, etc. But I am fearful once CPS gets their claws into my ds, they will wiggle their way into my other ds life.

    We just want to bring our boy home and stop all this stuff. Everyone knows, the sole purpose of CPS is to destroy families. They break you down, then take credit for putting you back together again, while really destroying you further!

    So, anyone had any experience with mandated Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and CPS shared custody?
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    Welcome Toshiba. I do not have any experience with shared custody. Not knowing what happened that is causing the state to want him to go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) makes it hard to know what to say. There were times when my difficult child was very close to going to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), not mandated but because it was becoming more and more difficult to keep everyone safe. There was a point last year that if the last hospitalization did not help we would have placed him. We very much wanted (and want) him home with us but safety is a number one priority.

    Maybe the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) could be helpful and different from the stories you have heard. Sending hugs your way. I'm glad you found us. We are a very supportive group and I hope we can be of help to you.
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    Hi Toshiba and welcome. I'm glad you found us.

    It's very difficult to address the issue of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) without knowing a bit of background - does your son have a history of mental illness? Is he on medications? Is his behavior unsafe? How is he doing in school? Socially?

    My son was in 3 RTCs and 1 TLP (transitional living program - supposed to help him make the transition to adulthood). He left our home at age 9. Two of the RTCs were simply outstanding, truly. One Residential Treatment Center (RTC) was a snake pit that was shut down by the state shortly after we pulled our son out. The TLP... not so great, but part of the problem I think is that our son needed far more supervision and direction than staff were going to give.

    There are certainly horror stories out there about both RTCs and CPS. I think the negative experiences tend to garner far more attention than positive experiences. I will say that our 1 contact with CPS had a neutral outcome, which was just fine. It sounds like you've had a lot of interaction with- them... I'm sorry that you have not had a positive experience.

    Just based on what you've been able to share, my biggest question for you would be what is the alternative? If he doesn't go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for treatment of (whatever), will he simply be incarcerated as a juvenile? What is in his best interest? You say you want to bring him home and "stop all this stuff" - is that a realistic goal; meaning, will your son cooperate? I am *not* blaming you at all, but I have to wonder what you can do differently if he did come home - he's already on probation, and violating the conditions. What would be different if he came home rather than went to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? I'm absolutely not advocating for the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (just not enough info), but just throwing out questions to hopefully help you look at it from all angles.

    Again - welcome, and I'm so glad you found us.
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    What has he done that makes CPS think he needs to be in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?

    Do you have a lawyer?
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    Just speaking generally, CPS agencies in our state have no money to send kids to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and it is far less expensive for the agencies to keep a kid locked up than send him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    And in our area, CPS's intervention is nearly impossible to get they are so understaffed and overwhelmed - as demonstrated by a string of children's deaths due to abuse and neglect.

    As others have said, it would be helpful if you shared more details about how things got the way they are and what has happened that got your son into juvie.

    It's hard to feel like the world is against you and your son is being punished when you don't agree that he's done anything wrong.

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    I am sorry that your family is suffering. We can give better suggestions if you share more about your son and the situation. What did CPS do to start the whole mess? (not a big fan of CPS either). Are his offenses statatory? Did he harm a family member? Has he been diagnosis with either a mental illness of substance abuse?
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    Just wanted to add my support and hugs!
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    Didn't Klmno have issues with-this? Hellooo-ooo-o, are you there?
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    I've had CPS involved in my family (after non founded accusations of abuse by the tweedles). My difficult child wm is now in the physical custody of children's mental health/foster care while I retain guardianship & have to approve any & all treatment options.

    I don't know how/why CPS became involved in your life so I can't speak to that. When kt or wm entered Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for treatment, again, physical custody was signed over to children's mental health department while I retained guardianship.

    Saying the above, the first time wm was admitted to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) husband & I were truly humbled. We didn't have the wherewithal to parent a child with his mental/emotional hx. wm has been in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) 3 times; kt 4 times. It wasn't a nightmare but a viable treatment option we had to utilize.

    I cannot speak to the facility that CPS is suggesting for your son. All RTCs are different ~ some are highly specialized to certain disorders.

    I hope this helps a bit.