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    I re-read "Healthful Living" category and decided it was for weight loss, so if this thread belongs there....sorry.

    If you were to put your hands on your hips.....(like in frustration and tapping your foot!)....THAT's where I have pain on the right side. I've had it for several months now, been going to a chiropractor for months, and it's not one bit better. He maintains, in lay person's terms, it's a pinched nerve. It doesn't hurt much when walking, but sitting....I can hardly get up! I can go to sleep at night, but after a few hours it's hurting so badly it keeps me awake. I walk several times a week, so I don't think I've damaged anything. It doesn't hamper my exercising, but after sitting (especially on something soft like a sofa), I can hardly get up without really bad pain. Aleve helps a little, but I know it's not good to take it long term. What would you do? {{{{I hate doctors!!}}}}
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    Hi! Have you had your GP check it out? I'm not sure about what's on the left (internally) or what's on the right, but my one sister had a similar problem and she had gallbladder trouble. Have you noticed if there's an increase in pain when you eat fatty foods?

    Now: I had similar problems and I had a pinched nerve.

    Personally, I think I'd ask for a sonogram to make sure that everything's on the "up and up" in there.

    Go see your gp and see if they have any ideas.

    Feel better!

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    Good ideas, Beth. I just had a complete physical before this happened and the chiropractor did a sonogram. No increase in pain no matter what I eat. *Sigh* I hate getting old.
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    Well I'm no doctor - but if putting your hands on your hips makes it hurt - don't do that.

    If it's still bad after your chiropractor has manipulated your muscles I would say get to a GP and let see what he thinks.

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    Go back to gp and have him check it out. Push, and INSTST he check it out.

    Could be a pinched nerve, I suppose. But it's odd that a pinched nerve isn't aggitated with movement too.

    It can be difficult to be sure what the problem can be because certain pain can radiate. (branch out from original source) You could have a kidney infection, a cyst on the ovary....who knows. But you don't have pain for no reason.

    Yep. Check it out.