Q shoveled horse poo and liked it! offered a job after

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Dec 23, 2012.

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    of course, that means I am stuck going all the way out there too.... maybe we can arrange it for an Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) day every other week or so.

    He has been doing some of the more fun things and after the snow storm then a rain storm ...plus the owner got extra hours at her job, the stuff was pretty thick ...(usually easier and in the summer there are more volunteers) So, today he actually offered because one of the neighbor girls was there and had been working hard all day.

    Here is what I saw in Q today....
    When the truck has to be emptied of grain and hay bails had to be moved he just walked over and grabbed the heavy bags (the owner has diabetes and neuropathy and arthritis plus vision is reduced so really in pain much of the time, I was pretty useless with back and hand issues and the little girl is about sixty pounds soaking wet)....

    He usually has to be asked to do anything. He will do it, but that initiative is usually pretty low. He also pulled the little girl around in a sled all over the fields. He would say she had to pull him but was joking, knowing he was three times her size.

    THe owner said she was going to see if Q would do the shoveling and how he'd do since he is bigger now and doing so much better and I said go for it but before she had a chance he offered. So, she offered him a paid job doing it.

    I warned her that he may not do as well without the motivation of a friend being there but he does seem to understand the pay off when he works and gets cash so it could be pretty cool.

    It is just so far. I pay at least fifteen dollars in gas round trip for what for him will be a much smaller pay off cash wise. But as far as his growth and development, fifteen dollars is a small investment. If Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) takes him they would be reimbursed. but they often have a mileage limit and that may be too far.

    Maybe we can piggie back it with his lesson days and then we get some mileage for those days.

    Anyway, I'm proud of him..... nice that he stepped up.
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    Way cool. How grown of him.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Awesome post! Good for Q!!!!
  4. recoveringenabler

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    I loved reading this Buddy, I'm proud of him too...........and as always, proud of you for all your do for him and how committed you are to him, you are an AWESOME Mom! It's so good to celebrate the wins..........
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    That is great Buddy. I am so happy that Q is stepping up like that. You know I am a HUGE proponent of horse therapy. And, on the days he is out there, I bet he will sleep so much better. difficult child is so tired after cleaning stalls. It is hard work mucking stalls and throwing hay bales. It is too bad that it isn't closer to home. difficult child is at the barn almost every day. And, I really see the difference.
    I know Q will not be able to live independently, but this may be a type of job that he could do with minimal supervision. Hope he continues the good work.
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    I hope things work out with this... if it could lead to Q being more involved in the horse centre (ranch?), fantastic. For him to be in a natural environment he loves where he can make a positive contribution - that's the best for him, I think.
  7. DDD

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    What an encouraging post! For him to have taken the initiative was awesome. That it resulted in an opportunity to "have a job" is beyond great. I'm grinning for you. Hugs DDD

    PS: Just a thought to tuck away in the back of your head, lol. difficult child#2 never was offered a job but he gained a good sense of self by volunteering at the Habitat store. Like your son he was strong (tall, skinny but darn strong) and when people purchased chairs or tables etc. he carried their items to their vehicles. Most of the customers made very positive comments to him and it did help him alot.
  8. TeDo

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    I am soooooo proud of Q. That is awesome!! He has really come such a long way. This could turn out to be the type of job he was meant for. I can see him being a "ranch hand". That would be difficult child 1's dream job too. I know it's expensive but look at it short term. The week before he turns 16, call the Dept of Rehab Services and get him in their system. That is something they would take care of.
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    Progress is always a great thing! This made me smile Buddy. :)
  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Super great for Q!!!!!!! I'm very proud of him!
  11. greenrene

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    YAY! I am so happy for you and Q! I hope this is a step toward even more progress!
  12. DaisyFace

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    Oh that is awesome!

    And you know, there will ALWAYS be stables and barns that can use help with farm chores. If he's good around the animals, he will always be able to find work...
  13. buddy

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    DF, that is what I was thinking too.....and in that kind of setting there are not many who really care if while something is heavy a weird noise or nonsense phrase slips out. The horses for darn sure dont care.

    I like that idea DDD. People are worried about him being in a place where others could be affected by his behaviors (understandably) but that kind of thing would result in his really only being praised.

    The program that we initially signed up for is an overall concept as I've mentioned before where people with Autism work for their living quarters....in meaniungful jobs. In MN it is a city site but they do the therapy riding program so still need people to go care for the animals. In Montana they are building a full ranch. If he got to a place where we knew he would still have support services he needed, that kind of situation would be so good. If MN is where the best social services options are well, we have many horse and other animal ranches and as you guys said, there is always people looking for someone to do that kind of work. Not many people want to do it.

    The whole idea of earning money has really made him happy. He has said over and over how he got 8 dollars and 75 cents (no rounding off, lol) for his school job. He even asked about how he could get more jobs. And by the way, unlike money I have given him.....he is trying to save and plan for that money.

    Thanks for cheering him on with me. I said from the time he was really young, what I didn't realize might be one of the hardest things about single parenting is not having someone to share the good times with. I assumed it would be harder not to have someone back me up in the hard moments. But when he first finally got the pedals on the bike to go around and around I found myself standing there alone wishing so much I had someone to enjoy it with. Wish I knew you all back then.

    TeDo, since our boys actually do get along, it would be cool if they could work near each other. Your difficult child 1 is really having some stellar moments too! (well, difficult child 2's recent award is not anything to sneeze at either).....Its nice to have these things to as you have said....help to see there is some light in the tunnel.