Q's idea for his Blurting, hope they let him try....

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    Poor Q was saying things back and forth this weekend between saying I am just gong to tell them from now on that I do everything on purpose and then they will think I am tough and leave me alone (yeah, that is what will happen, Q in your CARTOON fantasy world).....

    and saying he was going to be perfect so he can earn all the things he wants to do, etc.

    while we were grocery shopping, he went into the school/office supply section and came running to me with 4 79cent notebooks. MOM, I am going to use these to write out all the bad words so that they can't hear them and get mad at me.
    I told him that while I thought it was a great idea (which by the way we tried last year and it was working for two days until,,,,,,) I reminded him about a little glich in that plan last year. This as actually suggested to him last year by me and a doctor. Last year one of the EA's opened the book and read it then showed it to the sp ed admin and they thought it was threats to the staff and they got very upset. (he wrote some mean stuff, wishing people were dead etc. BUT nothing he hasn't said to their faces, lol) I talked to the teacher and sped admin guy and said that was so not fair and that this owuld be one time I owuld fight in front of Quin because he had been told by a doctor to TRY that and he was following directions. They opened a closed notebook that was in a corner in his own desk. He did not rip the pages out and give them to anyone to make them upset or threaten them, just kept it in a notebook on his desk....CLOSED. I was pi55ed. The admin said well maybe he can rip the pages out or use loose leaf paper so that it is not a book full of bad words etc. I said, oh yeah, a stranger finding loose papers in the trash, them getting passed around school or scanned and put on FB or given to the police...THAT is a great idea!

    So, this time I told Q to remeber that last year the principal thought it looked like threats so I would have to explain it first but taht I still think it is a great idea.

    I emailed the teacher and behavior specialist, no one else. Reminded them of last year but told them that Q really is excited about this and for that reason, even if it doesn't help ONE BIT, he should be allowed to try.

    I got an email that from his teacher and this is what it said,

    We are half way thru school, no calls yet, no emails yet... hope the day goes ok
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    Oh good luck. Hope they don't tell admin about this until it has time to work or not work. That guys is such a ... !