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    I am looking for answers to some health concerns of my own. The page I have referenced above lists alternative forms of medical treatment, explains the theory behind each one, and lists results of studies made to confirm or deny the efficacy of the practice.

    I found it to be very helpful and so, I am posting it here for you.

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    WOW that is really interesting.

    I wish I could enjoy reflexology - I cant' stand to have anyone touch my feet.

    BUT -

    The iridiology - (sp) study of the iris, I've had a few "readings" when I was younger and everything this herbologist told me was pretty spot on. It could be that she was trained to see other signs - but I did feel better after my free sessions. I never paid for it.

    And I have a future sister in law who is a neo-natal nurse and teaches Nursing and swears by accupuncture.

    The mind is the strongest healer -

    Interesting SOS (I just can't call you a soc) lol

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    This is nothing against you, Barbara, just that you may want another source of info.

    Stephen Barrett is somewhat of a quack himself, I'm afraid. He's got a vendetta against anything that is not old-fashioned, drug-based allopathic medicine. He only spends about 5-10 min. speed reading topics and has no idea how to really research, which is ironic, because his main complaint against alternative medicine is that none of it has double blind studies. Anyone who makes flat statements like that should not be taken seriously. Again, ironically, many of the double blind studies that have proven certain alternative therapies work were performed by the very medical doctors who thought to disprove them.

    He actually doesn't believe that ANY of the items listed on that page are valid... strange, because the first listing is acupuncture, which many M.D.s use.

    He is at present being sued by about 14 different parties for libel and slander.

    Here's his bio: http://www.quackwatch.com/10Bio/bio.html

    If you type in his name, you'll find lots of stuff for and against him.

    by the way, this would be a good subject to move to the new health topic.
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    I looked at this site recently about Lyme Disease, possibly what you are doing also. I know what he says about the LLMD's and their treatments. It is unsettling to stray from what is generally accepted as medical practice. For me, I learned with my whole gluten free diet experience that there are some things that most doctors just don't know or believe that do work. I still find it disturbing to go against what it commonly accepted. However, I am doing my own research and am going with what makes sense to me.

    I am at risk according to his website at being led down a path of false hope and financial loss. LOL I'm willing to accept that risk but I also do look for all the help that the regular doctors can give me. I do have 3 examples in my own family's life where the regular doctors have not helped me and I have been forced to go alternative and have been helped. I'm not sure whether that makes me more informed or more easily led astray.