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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tinamarie1, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I bought easy child an apple Ibook lap top off of Ebay. I looked up the instruction book online as well, but I am so frickin computer illiterate....can someone help me? I have a router on my desk top computer...I was thinking that the Ibook came with a built in reciever? Does anyone know if they normally do? and if so, how can i configure it to get onto the internet?
    I have emailed the seller, but I really wanted to surprise easy child when she gets home from school today and have it all up and running.
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    I am sorry. I know nothing about apples, other than I like Pink Lady and Granny Smith ones!

    You might try a support group, or contact the local university or vocational school with a computer group.
  3. totoro

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    I am on a PowerBook G4 so it is different it has a built in wireless modem, I use an Airport... it was very easy to set up... there is a little icon up in the right that shows you what youre network/connection is and I can change it there... I asked husband he said:

    She has to say what kind of ibook it is. Ours has built in wireless, but they don’t all. She has to click on the strength symbol and then look for networks. More than likely her “router” is a modem that isn’t wireless, she is plugged into it. Apples wants you to use the “airport” as the wireless. Does she plug in her easy child? A thousand bucks says she does, which means her easy child will have to plug the Ibook into the “router”(modem) to get connected.

    I don't know if that helps???

    Both of our laptops our wireless Our Mac and easy child so we wouldn't have to worry about any cables or leaving a room... but I can take either cable and plug it it in if the Airport is out for some reason... Our actual internet cable.
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    totoro, do you think your husband could see what he could find out as far as if it has it built in?
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    I'm not a computer techie or anything, but if this is the ibook you bought, I THINK with Ethernet 10/100 & 56k modem, that is for cable/dialup internet, not wireless. If it does have wireless capabilities, you have to have a wireless router. The box your easy child hooks into is the modem, and somehow the router and modem talk to each other and the router directs the signal for your laptop wireless to pick up. I hope this is correct in my simplified understanding of how things work, because just 2 hours ago I ordered difficult child a dell laptop for christmas with wireless and I ordered a router with it. When we get it I hope I can figure out how to set it up and configure LOL. My saving grace is I have a bro-in-law who repairs computers for our school board, and a friend who is a computer tech. by trade. If I can't figure it out they'll help me I HOPE.
  6. 'Chelle

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    There are articles informative on routers and hooking them in
  7. totoro

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    I am sorry... I had to run. I hope you got it all hooked up!!!

    You should have been able to just run another firewire into the I-book and run the tutorial through the computer... Apple has great tech support through!!! They really don't make you feel dumb...

    I assumed you were not going wireless??? If so you would need an Airport or ethernet card.

    She can still get an ehternet card for going to a coffe shop or somewhere wireless...

    I just installed Firefox to go with my Safari internet connection, someone here on the board suggested it... Firefox is supported by more sites it seems...

    Did she get the orange... cool!!!
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    The ad doesn't say it has a wireless card so I would assume you have to connect it to the modem with an Ethernet cable (looks like a phone cord but slightly bigger). If you have more than one computer that you want to connect to the internet, you have to either take turns or get an router or a router/modem combination. The modem gets the service into your house, the router allows more than one computer to access the service. You can get a wireless router or a wireless router/modem which allows you to use both Ethernet cable and wireless connections. You would have to buy wireless cards for the computers if they don't have them. They're just little things that slip into one of the ports on the laptop. I don't know if there is an external wireless card for desk models; I just got the ones that go inside and installed them.
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    The eBay ad says you can use it wireless, so it's clearly equipped for it. But you would need to have an account set up (or however it works in the US - we're a bit backward in Australia). You probably need an Airport or similar - husband is brilliant at this but he's currently on his way home from work, I'll ask him when he gets in.

    It looks to me like you've got a really good laptop with some great software already installed. There will be small tweaks she may want to do, to set it up how SHE wants it. I think the G4 laptops also have the track pad - husband has mine set to active, so I sometimes accidentally move the cursor without realising. But otherwise, it's how I like it. easy child 2/difficult child 2 doesn't like it that way, she has hers set differently. She bought it herself with money from her 21st birthday.

    Do you have an Apple Service Center anywhere within phone range? If they baulk at helping you over the phone, point out that now you are Apple owners, you will be in the market for other peripherals and it will be good to be in touch and getting help from a Center close enough to visit to buy stuff. The Centres in our area are really helpful, although sometimes they don't know enough. But when it comes to starting up - they have no problems.

    We are still on cable at home, because we're out of range for wireless. So we have a spare cable running off our ADSL router, husband or easy child 2/difficult child 2 use the cable to hook in and go online. Although we have the internal modems in our Apple laptops, we need the router to access broadband. We can still go on dial-up with any of our laptops, we just unplug the lead from the phone and plug it into the modem port on the laptop. If you do this, you will need to program the phone number into the new computer - it will probably still be set for the contact details of the bloke who sold it to you, unless he removed it.

    Any configuration you may need, will be things like your password codes etc specific to your account. But if you cable to the router (as we do) then she should be able to hook on, no problem.

    The thing with Apple, they are sold as a package ready to go, a kid can set them up and go online in minutes, with a new computer. The G4 laptop is very capable. It's a good buy.

    We're an Apple household, we've even managed to stay Microsoft-free. We have a compartment for Microsoft, we can translate any file, we're virus-free. VERY occasionally, a virus comes out that affects Apple. We saw one about ten years ago.

    I recommend you just hand the thing over and watch her squeal with delight. She will work it out for herself.

    Any problems, I'll get husband on to have a look for you. He'll be home in another hour.

  10. Marg's Man

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    Marg's Man here.

    As someone else said it depends on exactly what you have. Our laptops are the older models that had the dial up modem built in; newer ones use a fairly cheap USB peripheral.

    You say you have a router -this usually means a box (like an overgrown modem) that you use to connect to broadband internet. All Macs since about 1999 have ethernet built in which can be used to connect to the router. Unfortunately the precise connection details are specific to the service you using so I cannot be of much use. It's pretty well set and forget - that's what I've done - forgotten.

    You obviously have a functioning service; try contacting their help desk and ask their people to walk you through the set up. This is what I did. I took copious notes and, if something goes wrong I can usually reinvent the wheel.