Question about government low income housing.


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background: my daughter (adopted DGD is 19 and pregnant)applied for a low income apartment. Her boyfriend of 5+ years... More off than on and not a healthy relationship...also applied with her.

DGD is working about 20 hours a week. He has not worked since he got out of jail 5 months ago. He is suppose to be paying $400 in fines and finish substance abuse classes. His father paid the fee for the classes, but out of two months he has shown up maybe 3 or 4 times. He is suppose to go twice a week for 3 hours each. He could do community service to pay off fines. He won't do it. He is actually planning to do the 30 days in jail instead of doing what the court asks.

He is not actively applying for jobs. He and DGD are living with his dad, and dads girlfriend. We have set a boundary that he can't move in here. DGD could by herself. The dad lives in a small town 20 miles away. We go and get her for her job and take her back after her shift. Her boyfriend sometimes stays there while she works, and probably half the time comes in town and hangs out with friends. That usually involves drinking...

Last night, they stayed in town when she got off work at 8pm. She has to work today. I know she just wanted to go back and sleep in her own bed. Plus, he's already told her he wants to crash in town tonight, too.

Ok, my question... When they were at the housing office, the clerk put him down as head of household. Why? DGD will be paying the bills. He is not contributing one cent. They aren't married. He is married to someone else, and can't afford a divorce.

If he is head of household, can he make DGD move out? She had first said if he didn't have a job by the time she got a place, he couldn't move in. Now she is saying, if he doesn't have a job by the time the baby is born, he has to move out. He is already calling this "his apartment". I know I can't change what they do... But just want legal advice on this rent/lease process. They are suppose to get the place in February. I think DGD feels like since his dad is giving them a bed, sofa, tv, etc...she is obligated to have his son there. The father has housed them since boyfriend got out of jail.

Thanks. Ksm
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just want legal advice on this rent/lease process.
I am not qualified to give legal advice, but I can suggest searching internet for programs offered by your grand's state of residence. Search housing, pregnant, indigent, low income, etc. Maybe call the local social services office and ask who to contact to answer your questions. Where we live folks on Medicaid do not have to have a dependent child to qualify, but there is a long waiting list. In the state where I grew up, you must have a dependent child to qualify for state sponsored housing.

Hope that helps.