question about iep's and 504's



Z has been on an IEP since preschool and is now in the 6th grade. (he did kindergarten twice). He had some speech issues when he was younger that he has overcome but has always been behind. They did there testing again at the end of last year and said that he no longer qualifies for an IEP because he basically just has a low IQ and is functioning at the level he can right now. ok, technically he is supposed to be in the 7th grade but is functioning at the 4th-early5th grade level. how can this be right???
they said i can put him on the 504 plan but how does taht really help, they dont really even seem to know what exactly it is.
is there anyway around the IEP results? any way to appeal it maybe?
im at a loss, school is such a struggle for him and he is already beginning to hate it, he knows he is behind and doesnt understand why and im running out of things to tell him to help him.


This is ridiculous...For years, people said Special Education was ONLY for kids with low IQs and now, it is a disqualifier???? I don't think so...

Actually, what they are doing is using what is called a "discrepancy formula" which basically means his academic achievement is not discrepant from his IQ. Fortunately, IDEA 2004 eliminated the use of discrepancy formulae. however, a SD that does not know what an 504 plan is will not likely be well-versed in legal changes that are somewhat obscure.

You may ask for an IEP meeting at any time....I would focus on "the two qualifiers for an IEP:

Disabling condition
Negative educational impact

It would seem your son has both and therefore, needs Special Education services to make adequate progress in the gen ed curriculum



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Something is not right. Even if he is supposed to be in 7th grade he is 6th grade and still functioning at a lower level.

Has he been on the IEP for speech all this time or something else?
Could he fall under OHI? "He is functioning at the level he can right now", but where is that level compared to his peers? Stay with this and dig into it further.