Question about switching medications for daughter's depression?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by hopefulmom, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    So glad to have found this group. My dear daughter is 16, almost 17, and has been taking Prozac (40 mg) for a little over a year. She tells me she just doesn't feel like it's helping and wants to try something else. She is compliant about taking her medications (though sometimes forgetful) and attending therapy, and really seems to want to get better. She has also been diagnosis'd with ADHD. Anyone else experience something like this and how did the switching process go? TIA and have a great week
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    Who prescribed the Prozac?
    I'm wondering if it was after an evaluation, or just a "try this" approach.

    medications don't always work. There are other options. The psychiatrist should know about what the options are, and how to make the switch. I wouldn't be trusting the family doctor to do that, though.
  3. hopefulmom

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    It was her psychiatrist and initially it was 20 mg, then bumped to 30, then to 40. I am wondering if a lot of what she is dealing with is also teenage angst (though I don't doubt she is clinically depressed)...we will see what the dr says tomorrow I guess...thanks for your reply!
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    Anti-depressants need to be taken every day in order to work properly. If she is missing doses occasionally, can you set up a system so doses cannot be missed?

    Also, Prozac is a really good antidepressant, but if she has anxiety, too, there may be other more effective ones.

    It is so good that you both recognize that she needs treatment and she is onboard with it!