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    <span style='font-family: Courier New'> I am so NOT tech oriented. I know certain things exist, but have no idea on how to use. Well now....I have a question for those of you who are more in the know than I.

    I have seen digital picture frames and know that you can put different pictures into them as the notion strikes you, sometimes even with a remote control.

    When you give someone one of these frames, how do the pics get downloaded into it?

    My husband was recently found by his birth father(a teen at the time), after an adoption that took place 54 years ago. We thought a digital picture frame would be a wonderful way to continue the bonding process. I just wanted to gather some information on what kinds of features are available.</span>
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    Hi CT mom -

    You know - I'm adopted, and I've spent the better part of my life hoping that NO ONE would ever "find" me. I'm thankful for my life, but I just don't know how I would truly feel if someone knocked on my door and said "HI I'm your Father." I'm glad it has worked out for your hubby thought. Sounds like it was something he wanted.

    As far as the digital picture frames - you connect it to your easy child (Personal computer not Perfect child) and then whatever pictures you have in your computer you download to the "device". If there are pictures that you don't have on your computer then you can do a couple of things. 1.) you could scan them, save them to your computer and then download them to the picture frame - OR you can take your pictures to a Walmart or other photo place and have them scan the pictures (actually they have a machine right there and will show you how to do it) and then they will burn a CD for you. YOu take that CD home, pop it into your computer, right click and save it to say -MY Desktop. THen plug in the picture frame and download the pictures to it.

    It's really simple -

    DFs family did a 52 page scrap book for his MOm this year through Creative Memories. It turned out really beautiful and DF's Mom will receive a hard bound stitched book for CHristmas.

    Really like the digital thing - also like the commercial where they lady gets a new car from hubby - get a box of kleenex too.
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    <span style='font-family: Courier New'>Star,

    Dad had been searching for many years. He was able to make contact thru the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption. Their social worker acted as an intermediary and verfied my husband's identity.

    The next step was that my husband received a letter from his birth father, sent by way of the adoption agency. He expressed the wish to know if my husband had had a good life and how he was doing now.

    The door was left open to any level of contact that each party desired. The letter from his dad did express that he did not want to disrupt my husband's life in any way and would respect whatever decision he made.

    The contact has continued thru emails, After a couple, my husband and his dad felt they could correspond without the middleman. They have talked on the phone, shared emails, and im'd - but have not met face to face yet. The revelation part of all of this took place around the time of my husband's 54th birthday. which was this summer. </span>
  4. Those digital picture frames are wonderful! The family of my friend/boss brought one to keep in her hospital room. It only takes up a small amount of space, but reminds her of all the good reasons she has to get well and go home!
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    Some picture frames don't have internal memory. I have one of those. However, it does take SD cards and flash drives. Flash drives are little memory sticks that hold up to several GB of information and simply go into a standard USB port on your computer. I would highly recommend that you get a Sony. The reason I say this is that I have bought cheaper flash drives and you have to go through all of this foreign language jibberish and it would take hours to go through all of it, just to get to your pics. I've been very sucessful with Sony flash drives. A 1 GB is about $20. and fits about 1100 pics at a 3.2 mega pixel.
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    Chris -

    You mean he has NEVER MET his bio father????? Did he ever tell you how he felt when he got the first letter? Was he angry, shocked or just glad. (nosey aren't I?)

    I truly believe I am a twin. I think about 25 years ago, that would have made myself and this young man (18 yo) came into the shop I was working in and asked me a TON of questions. My co-worker was the one that noticed that we looked like opposite sex mirrored images of each other. When I looked at him - it was freaky. Then he dropped the bomb and said - were you born on (and gave MY birthday, and year) and when I said yes - he stood there about 5 seconds and then ran out of the store.

    I'll never forget it. I know my name was changed and all that and my birth certificate altered. I guess it never really mattered to me until then and I talked to my Mom about it. She supported me if I wanted to look, and at that time I was thinking - OH If I have siblings -my sister and I are not close. And Mom pointed out that the dreams in your head may not match the reality of your situation. After I thought about it - I decided to just let it be. My luck I'd end up with a difficult child brother from hades and just as I was about to make my life difficult child free. lol

    Well anyway - I think the photo frame is very nice, and Lothlorien had an excellent take on the ones that you can't directly down load into. Happy hunting.

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    We just bought one of these for mother in law. husband could tell you more about the hassles we had. Not terrible bad hassles, but things you need to be aware of.

    We are Mac people. mother in law has an old Mac, not online. She can't use it much because it hurts her neck, plus she can't sit in the chair for too long anyway. Getting old and frail. So we have all chipped in for this.

    Now, mother in law is going to Perth for Christmas, to stay with her daughter (who has also chipped in for this). Our plan was, we would load on SOME photos from this side of the country and she would get photos from the west coast, so she could have ALL her grandchildren scrolling across her photo frame.

    husband wanted her to open her gift and have it all ready to work (mother in law is a very immediate sort of person!). So after we bought the thing (right under her nose; she didn't suspect a thing) we got home and he opened it up. He'd even asked the sales bloke, "This is compatible with Mac, isn't it?"
    The sales rep assured him it is.

    Once we got all the packaging off we finally had dug our way down to the (very thick) manual. In many languages. And apparently in all of those languages, it says it will only work with two specific easy child operating systems. We tried everything (because husband has been known to achieve the impossible, with software packages). First we tried using a flash drive. No go. Would read nothing from the Mac. We figured, what the hey? Surely they're just JPEGS? We get emailed them all the time, Mac can read just about anything, we NEVER have this trouble...

    We tried loading onto the SD card, we tried the flash drive, we tried with every computer we had in the house, including BF2's easy child. We even networked computers and photo frame together.
    easy child 2/difficult child 2's VERY new Mac laptop (she bought it only three months ago) was able to say hello to the photo frame, but not register anything. BF2's easy child (philistine) was able to be 'seen' and his JPEGS could also be seen, but we can't count on him always being around for us to use his computer to transfer all our old photo files via his computer,onto the photo frame. We were able to load photos freshly taken by the camera from the camera's SD card, but no old stuff, even when we processed it back onto the camera's SD card from the computer.

    So we took it back, politely explaining the problem. We also took with us our cameras, the SD cards and husband's flash drive loaded with photos from BF2's computer as well as from easy child 2/difficult child 2's computer.

    The outcome - in the store, NO photo frame could read all the pictures on the flash drive (which was formatted for easy child). They could see the current photos from the camera SD card and any old ones loaded from the easy child, but none loaded from the Mac. They were helpful in the store but had to admit defeat. They suggested another store, which we went to eventually (trying more on the way - same results).

    Finally, husband was in a technical gadget/CD/DVD/games store and together they all worked on the problem. They used the new Macs in store to play around with. We finally found a way to do the job, but we will need to use easy child 2/difficult child 2's new Mac until we eventually upgrade to the newer operating systems. The trouble with Macs, they don't break down very often so we don't feel the need to go get a new computer, ours can still do stuff that PCs are only just getting excited about. That's one reason our kids are so good at computers - we could let them play with the Macs, even when the kids were babies, with no fear for the computer. We got our first Mac when easy child 2/difficult child 2 was a baby, difficult child 1 was a toddler and easy child was not yet school-aged. So the younger two were using computers in infancy, learning to use the mouse as well as arrow keys to guide a cursor round a maze. Then they learnt to read, do maths etc using a game designed specifically for babies.

    But could we get these photos loaded?
    Well, eventually. And it's not that satisfactory, but it will work for us. We've got a 1 Gb SD card thrown in on the deal, we'll load up a lot of our photos onto it via easy child 2/difficult child 2's computer, before mother in law leaves next week. Then we'll load them onto the frame, ensure there is enough power in it, prime sister in law to be ready with her photos, and ask her to take a snapshot of mother in law's face when she opens her present.

    If husband finds this thread he might add his own more technical expertise to the problem, defining the terms more carefully and explaining exactly how to get around this problem, for those with Macs.

    Oh, and because of the mucking around and having to return stuff etc - we ended up with a more expensive and better photo frame, but it cost us less. And we AGAIN did it under mother in law's nose, and she didn't suspect a thing! We had the photo frame in its packaging and then in a thick plastic bag, in our shopping trolley while we bought our groceries. mother in law dumped her cloth shopping bag right on top of the photo frame box.

    Good luck with your purchases, I hope you find things work OK for you.

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    <span style='font-family: Courier New'> Starb,

    I sent you a private message...I would love to chat some more about the adoption/reunification topic.</span>