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    Hope you don't mind Fairly, but I noticed you have a child who reacts to food in an ADHD way. I am currently and finally pursuing this avenue with my eldest daughter. I noticed years ago that food colourings affected her behaviour and attitude, not to mention robbed her of her memory. I seem to have been beating my head against a brick wall in this country with my ball park idea! I can't help what I observed though and the consequences it had on my daughters life in general.
    Do you have any web site addresses or firm proof of this for me to read? I really would be relieved to not feel so bonkers and alone on this one!!! Cheers Dizzy.
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    Stupid, stupid Dizzy...... Anyone is welcome to chip in .... Derrrrr!:tongue:
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    Dizzy, I'm going to move this over to Natural Treatments as that's where FOP is most frequently. FWIW, my opinion is that Duckie tends to behave better when she eats better: less processed, more lean meats, more fruits and vegetables, more whole grained foods (we don't have a reason to believe she has celiac disease.)
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    Here are some links I found at

    I haven't done much about food coloring with my children. We've eliminated gluten, milk, and soy. I don't need a study to know that it works for them (and me).

    If you saw it when she was a child, you are probably on to something. I think there is someone else here with a child who reacts to red dye.

    Will your daughter go along with this idea? At her age, she will have to buy into the idea.
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    The link is/was a great help Fairly, so thanks for that one.

    I have been trying to gently get the message across about the food additive reactions for years but it is only me that has been barking!! The physical reactions were easy to see.... swollen lips, bubbling glaze on the eyes, twitchy etc. By the time I had put all of these things together, I now realise she was problem ODD. The sky is green and I can eat what I like!!!
    She was brought home from youth club aged 8 by the leader. She had a carrier bag of loose change which she insisted was hers, but the takings from the tuck shop had disappeared. I had to confirm that the money was not hers and she was banned from youth club. The following day she had no recollection of how she got the money. I had a conversation with the leader a week or so later and it transpired that she had had a can of fizzy orange that evening ( against the rules at home), which explained everything to me. She has never really accepted that food plays a big part in her life. It makes her invincible and is a class A drug for my daughter in my opinion. Highs and lows are extreme with most of the symptoms of ADHD. Blah!!
    Thanks for your help and wishing you a peaceful weekend, Dizzy :laughing:
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    I think of gluten like a drug for my daughter, too. I was able to get to her earlier and limit her access to the wrong food as well as provide lots of alternatives. I know she knows gluten is a problem but there's no telling if she will still comply when she is 17.